Systems Thinking for Complex Environments [extended]

* This course is offered in-house only. A minimum of number of 12 participants applies.

This program is an extended version of the 2 day Systems Thinking for Complex Environments course.  It helps managers facing complex problems to develop the skills required to diagnose issues, develop solutions and implement approaches that can incorporate multiple systems views and engage with the perspectives of multiple stakeholders.  The additional day on this course allows participants to apply their learning on a real organisational case.


This course enhances understanding of complex project management. It provides a conceptual bridge, extending traditional analytical tools of senior organisational members into the field of complex project management. The course uses real-world examples to take participants through strategic imperatives within complex systems, as well as organisational and holistic systems approaches, so that viable project systems can be designed and managed, and emerging problems can be solved. The course also considers organisational strategy, stakeholder needs, and project delivery architecture.

Target Audience

The course is designed to introduce organisational leaders and core enabling staff to the concepts of complex project management and systems thinking. The course will benefit senior and aspiring projects managers, key project management staff, commercial managers, supply chain managers, portfolio managers and key advisors independent of sector or program type.


In this course you will learn to:

  • Make sense and tackle complex situations drawing from complexity theory and systems thinking;

  • Gain an introduction to systems and systems vocabulary;

  • Identify and apply different soft systems methodologies and tools to make sense of and respond to complexity;

  • Understand organisational strategy and strategic alignment to improve the viability and effectiveness of organisations by achieving goals;

  • Holistically evaluate organisation/project situations through exploration and with consideration of diverse views;

  • Clarify and improve ability to deal with conflictual situations and perspectives to achieve fairness and inclusion;

  • Learn the language of complexity;

  • Gain practice in mapping complexity.

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