Systems Design and Dynamics for Complex Projects

Complex project delivery is not simply a mechanistic process of executing identified project activities. Complex projects are characterised by a degree of disorder, instability, emergence, non-linearity, uncertainty, irregularity and randomness. Therefore, we need to consider the dynamic interdependencies and feedback loops within complex systems, enabling project leaders to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable outcomes.

Systems Design and Dynamics for Complex Projects equips participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively analyse, design, influence, and transform complex project systems. Participants will learn how to manage complex projects by utilising powerful tools such as Causal Loop Diagram (CLD), System Archetype (SA), Bayesian Belief Network (BBN), and Evolutionary Learning Laboratory (ELL).

Participants will delve into the fundamental concepts of systems thinking and explore the interconnectedness of complex project environments. They will learn to identify and analyse the underlying causal relationships of various project phenomena. By visualising and understanding these causal relationships, students will gain insights into how changes in one area can impact the entire system, enabling them to identify leverage points, make proactive decisions and manage potential risks.

Throughout the course, students will engage in hands-on activities, group discussions, and practical exercises to reinforce their understanding of systems design and dynamics. They will also have the opportunity to apply the learned concepts and tools to analyse real-world project scenarios, enabling them to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Target Audience

Project and Program Managers, Project Team Members, Project Sponsors, Commercial Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Portfolio Managers, Key Advisors and Mid-Senior Managers independent of sector or project/program type.

Public Course

4 – 5 June 2024
27 – 28 November 2024



Course Outline

This is a 2-day course. In this course, you will learn to:

  • Understand the importance of Systems Thinking for complex project design and dynamics;

  • Use Causal Loop Diagrams to understand the dynamic interconnections of project system’s and how to (re)design the system for improved outcomes;

  • Learn how to identify leverage points in complex project systems and develop interventions for maximum impact;

  • Learn how to monitor feedback from the project system to evaluate the effectiveness of your interventions;

  • Understand how Systems Archetypes can be used as tools to inform decision making in complex projects;

  • Learn to apply Bayesian Belief Networks as a powerful tool to integrate quantitative and qualitative data to achieve project goals;

  • Use Evolutionary Learning Labs as a well proven integrated and iterative framework to bring together the systems design and dynamics tools above for managing complex projects.

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