Project Team Development

*A minimum of number of 12 participants applies.

This workshop supports the establishment of project and program teams capable of effectively delivering complex projects. The course uses the Team Management Profile diagnostic to understand individual work style preferences and use this understanding to design and build teams aligned with project needs. The aim is to improve project performance and increase job satisfaction.This course is valuable for people who are completing the TMP for the first time and for people who have completed the TMP but are forming new teams.

Target Audience

Project leaders, project members, other functions that support project success (HR, legal, finance, governance etc)


This course is available for In-House Delivery.

Workshop Outline

This is a 1-day course.

Session 1: Frameworks to understand ‘self’

In this opening session we introduce several frameworks to assist participants in the self-reflection process. We will explore the notion of the ideal self and the real self and how to utilise the tension that exists between the two to create change and self-development. We provide questions for self-reflection and undertake several activities that enable participants to identify what it is that motivates them.

Session 2: Leadership Styles & Preferences

Everyone is different, and people have their own individual strengths. In this session we cover the different styles of leadership and explore approaches for adapting your leadership style to suit the situation and the people that you engage with. We explore six key leadership styles, their characteristics, applications and outcomes. We draw on examples and discuss effective leadership to the situation that is faced.

Session 3 & 4: Team Management Profile

In sessions 3 & 4, we will utilise the Team Management Profile (TMP) to aid you in better understanding your own preferences, the preference of others and offer you the grounding necessary to better connect and engage as part of a team. All participants will be required to undertake a questionnaire prior to the workshop (at least 4 weeks before) to generate their individual TMP. We will use the individualised results to explore what it all means in the workplace for the individual and for the team as a whole. We will undertake activities to explore the team dynamics to help build synergies and develop an action plan for improving the success of your current project.


  • Ability to contextualise course content to suit the needs of your team;
  • Face-to-Face course delivery with experienced facilitators;
  • Participant workbooks;
  • Certificate of Completion and a digital badge for your email signature.

Course Price:
Exclusive discounts are available for ICCPM Members. Please refer to our pricing page for more information.

This course involves the use of the Team Management Profile (TMP). There will be an additional fee of $200.00 plus GST for those who have yet to take the TMP. If you have completed our Cert IV, then you have already taken the TMP.

Refund Policy:
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