Managing Messy Problems

*This course is offered online, or in-house in Canberra only. A minimum of number of 12 participants applies.

This course is for leaders, managers and supervisors dealing with complexity and seemingly intractable issues that don’t seem to go away. It introduces Polarity Mapping as a way to understand the sometimes hidden forces of opposing values at work in organisations, projects and people.

This workshop addresses the problems in your organisation that just don’t seem to go away. It introduces Polarity Mapping as a way to understand the sometimes hidden forces of opposing values (interdependent pairs) at work in organisations and people. You will learn how to surface these forces, map them graphically with a tool called the Polarity Map, and how to manage them. Polarity Management helps leaders and their organisations more efficiently and more sustainably reach their goals.

Target Audience

Leaders, managers, and supervisors dealing with complexity and seemingly intractable issues.

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Examples of the Problem

Should we centralise or decentralise? Should we be tightly hierarchical or loosely managed? Often, leaders view these issues as problems to solve and decisions to be made, when, in reality, they are polarities to manage. In fact, organisations often go back and forth, exhausting employees and wasting resources when they should be managing these tensions as ongoing polarities rather than as problems to solve.

Workshop Outline

In this 1 day course you will learn to:

  • Recognise how value of interdependent pairs in organisations and individuals come in polarity;

  • Approach intractable problems as polarities to manage rather than problems to solve;

  • Identify particular polarities that need to be managed in your organisation;

  • Use the Polarity Map as a way to visualise and diagnose current project/organisation reality;

  • Identify early warnings and action steps that can be managed through the Polarity Map;

  • Gain practice in using Polarity Thinking and the Polarity Map Graphic.


  • Face-to-Face course delivery with experienced facilitators;
  • Participant workbooks;
  • Certificate of attendance;
  • Fully Catered.

Total cost for the 1 day workshop:

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  • ICCPM Organisational Member (incl. GST): $757.90 AUD
  • ICCPM Academic Partner (incl. GST): $757.90 AUD
  • ICCPM Individual Member (incl. GST): $768.90 AUD
  • Non-ICCPM Member (incl. GST): $801.90 AUD

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