Essential Skills for Navigating Project Complexity (includes Complex Project Simulation)

*A minimum number of 12 participants applies.

This course is designed to give you a foundation in complex project management and then to put these skills to the test on a major project simulation without the real-life risks. Effective project managers are developed through practice and feedback. Pilots, medical specialists and astronauts use simulation to develop their skills and reduce the risk of failure under pressure. This is an exciting opportunity for project professionals, organised in competing teams, to manage and “live” a complex project in the safety of a virtual simulated environment.

The course provided an extension of my project management knowledge and experience, in particular an appreciation of the identification methods and ways to communicate the differences between simple, complicated and complex projects to stakeholders.

Course Participant, 2021

I had a fantastic experience on this course and I can’t wait to get back into the workplace and use the skills acquired. I really got a different point of view working with the team in the simulation.

Course Participant, 2021

This is a great course, even for relatively experienced project managers who want to learn about complexity and how to manage it in a project setting.

Course Participant, 2021

Excellent blend of theory and scenarios. Well delivered in a “remote” learning environment.

Course Participant, 2021

Had a great two days. Came out with some new skillsets to bring back to work. Great workshop.

Course Participant, 2021

Course Objective:

The first day of the course provides participants with the theoretical knowledge and skills required to recognise when complexity is present in project environments and to select and apply approaches for navigating the identified complexity. Aims include the application of knowledge of the elements and types of complexity to identify, assess and treat project complexity and the skills to evaluate and implement alternative approaches and strategies for responding effectively.

The second day enables participants to work on a simulated project from start to finish; putting their skills to the test to make critical decisions and to see the impact of those decisions. The simulation experience uses the construction of a football stadium project, but the lessons are relevant to complex projects in general. This includes making decisions, engaging with stakeholders, using effective communication skills, managing teams, dealing with complexity & ambiguity, and managing risk & uncertainty. Virtual teams compete to achieve the best project outcomes, but the real opportunity is the chance to compare the decisions made by each of the teams.

ICCPM together with Prendo’s Spatium simulation provides an intense, risk-free experience of managing a complex project. Developed with the Major Projects Association in the UK, the simulation provides an opportunity for project professionals to apply their complex project management skills and then be debriefed at the end, reflecting on the impact of decisions made and how they may improve in the future.

Target Audience:
Project and Program Managers, Project Team Members, Senior Managers, Project Sponsors

2-days face-to-face OR
2-days online


  • 6 – 7 June 2023 (Online)
  • 25 – 26 October 2023 (Online)

Learning Outcomes:

Day 1 Learning Outcomes

  • Understand complexity thinking as an essential and necessary complementary skillset to traditional project management practices;
  • Use a sense-making framework to determine whether you are dealing with a simple, complicated, complex or chaotic problem context and how best to respond.
  • Be able to recognise the presence of different types and varying scales of project complexity;
  • Have insight into the impact of complexity across teams/projects/organisations;
  • Use tools, frameworks and methodologies to aid appropriate responses to project complexity;

Day 2 Learning Outcomes

  • Define project success
  • Develop an optimal contract strategy
  • Analyse and manage risk
  • Manage the early stages of a project
  • Plan and control a complex project
  • Manage stakeholder-driven trade-offs
  • Manage and integrate multiple disciplines


  • Certificate of Completion and a digital badge for your email signature
  • Workbook, course slides and participation in the simulation

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