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ICCPM Online Workshops and Webinars provide you with an easily accessible and engaging option to continue your training from anywhere in the world. To help you sharpen your knowledge and help keep you up to date, ICCPM has teamed up with industry leading project professionals, senior leaders and recognised academics, to share their knowledge and experiences.


  • Learn from globally recognised project experts across different fields and specialisations.

  • An interactive experience – This is your opportunity to have your questions answered by the experts.

  • Flexibility to access learning from anywhere in the world.

  • Online workshops provide you with a conducive learning environment for your project team. Certificates of completion included.




Online Complex Project Simulation
with Prendo

  • Format: Online Simulation (Virtual Teams of 3-4 People)
  • Prices: $473.00 Partner Members, $484.00 Individual Members,
    $495.00 Non-members incl. GST per person
  • Certificate of Completion Included

Put your complex project leadership skills to the test on a mega project without the real risks. This is an exciting opportunity for project leaders, organised in competing teams, to manage and “live” a complex project in the safety of a virtual simulated environment. Learn more »



Managing Messy Problems with Polarity Mapping

  • Organise an online workshop for your project team
  • Duration: Two Hours
  • Price: $108.5 Corporate Partner, $155 Non-Corporate Partner incl. GST per person
  • Certificate of Completion Included

What can project leaders do to manage messy problems encountered at the project, program or portfolio level? This interactive online workshop introduces Polarity Mapping to more effectively handle such problem contexts: Learn more »


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Complex Project Systems of Systems Emergent Behaviour Phenomenon
by Aleksandar Seizovic

  • Date: 30 November, 2021
  • Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm AEDT
  • Registrations close: 29 November, 2021 or when fully booked
  • Format: Webinar – Delivered Online
  • Fee: FREE

This webinar aims to investigate various theories and elements that are and can be relevant to system emergent behaviour in complex systems of systems (SoS). It explores the reduction/elimination of negative emergent behaviour in systems of systems used to minimise the occurrence of failure in complex engineering projects. Learn more »


Complexity 101

This webinar aims to build on the skills and knowledge of people working within the field of people management or project/program management, raising awareness of the types of complexities faced by organisations. You will be introduced to some basic terminology and concepts around the work environment and how best to respond: Learn more »

Project Management Re-Imagined:
Taking a People-Centric Approach to Improving Project Controllability and Success

by Paul Myers

This webinar was designed to introduce participants to some of the concepts and challenges of researching projects when taking a people-centric approach in a real world setting. It was about harnessing project team people on projects in a much more productive manner in order to assert collaborative control over the execution of the project to improve project controllability and success. Learn more »

Risk Management: The Past, Present and Future to Assessing Risk Systemicity
by Shree Lakshmi Ramesh Babu

This presentation demonstrated software that is being developed to assist project managers in effectively evaluating risks by considering their interactions and studying their nature as three-dimensional networks. Learn more »

Mitigating Outrage-related Risks and Building a Social Licence
by Katherine Teh

The social licence experts, Futureye, will provide practical insights to its long experience in de-risking project approvals and implementation by developing sound social licence strategies that reduce political risk through either eliminating or mitigating activism risk. Learn more »

Investigating a Complex Systems Thinking Approach to Improving Project Risk Management
by Warren Black

This webinar discussed some of the challenges of conventional risk management methods in project environments of advanced complexity, and specifically how adopting a systems thinking approach to project risk management may help to better address such challenges. Learn more »

Collaborative Contracting for Better Complex Project Outcomes
by Owen Hayford

In this webinar, Owen Hayford, a leading major projects lawyer with over 25 years of experience advising on the procurement, delivery and operation of major infrastructure projects will discuss the advantages of collaborative contracting. Learn more »

Back to the Future – Optimising Benefits Realisation in Times of Uncertainty
by Stephen Jenner

In this webinar, Speaker Steve Jenner will argue that too often the approaches adopted to manage benefits have only made matters worse. The answer lies in a ‘back to the future’ approach, integrating more disciplined but flexible and adaptive approaches to investment management, linking benefits more closely to strategic intent, with an enhanced focus on continuous participative stakeholder engagement. Learn more »

Creating a New Relationship between Leaders and Risk –
Strategic Risk Policy™ – for Informed Decision Making

by Tony Charge

This webinar by ARPI President Tony Charge teaches lessons in Strategic Risk Policy™ (SRP). Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI) in developing SRP has introduced a more contemporary definition of risk and moved to where informed decision-making is most urgently required. Learn more »

The COVID-19 Leadership Challenge: Circle the wagons for survival or lead the charge to win?
by Dr Richard Barber

This webinar challenges leaders to do better. It will show that strong, effective leadership when faced with complexity and uncertainty requires us to dive deep into that complexity from the outset. Dr Richard Barber will draw on his extensive experience working with complex programs, projects and organisations to show how this is achieved in practice to enable better business decisions in complexity. Learn more »

The COVID-19 Leadership Challenge: Driving complex project management transformation
by Dr Richard Barber

Facilitated by Dr Richard Barber, this webinar challenges program and project leaders to face up to this reality and the opportunity that COVID-19 presents. With participants, he will explore how COVID-19 provides a moment in time to learn, adapt and transform project management. Learn more »

The Influence of Virtual Teams on Complex Project Effectiveness
by Dr Francis Norman

Virtual teams, while becoming increasingly common in major projects, are still an area where the project management profession is working to understand and optimise. This emerging understanding is resulting in highly variable project outcomes and, in many instances, unanticipated risks impacting progress and quality. Learn more »

Reducing Project Risk in a Rapidly Changing Project World
by Grant Avery

You cannot solve complexity with more processes. So how do you create the new risk culture that you need? This webinar by Award-winning Author Grant Avery will walk us through lessons on the reduction of risk in high-risk projects explored in his book “Project Management, Denial, and the Death Zone”. Learn more. »

Approaches to Risk Management and Mission Assurance
by Dr Phil Crosby

Dr Phil Crosby is an ICCPM Fellow and major project specialist, with experience in long range strategic planning and risk management of large-scale complex projects. As an experienced business strategist, Phil has supported the delivery of major projects in industry and government, including the ongoing Square Kilometre Array (SKA) mega-science project. Learn more. »

Project Leaders as Humble Iconoclasts
by Dr. Kaye Remington

In preparation for her book Leading Complex Projects, Kaye and her research team interviewed over 100 successful senior project leaders. These highly successful project leaders consistently exhibited certain key characteristics and behaviours. In this webinar Kaye discusses some of the outstanding characteristics that  distinguished those leaders. Learn more. »


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