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“(…it’s important) to get the right people with the right skills and capability well positioned right from the start. Some key competencies we are seeking includes: heightened business acumen, great initiative, strong communication and interpersonal skills, and solid leadership abilities.”

– Jeff Zircher, Manager, Global Program Management, Caterpilliar Inc.

Endorsement puts the stamp of approval on your course for graduates! In today’s competitive education market, graduates are seeking opportunities to have their studies highly regarded and education providers are seeking more ways to differentiate offerings from their competitors.

ICCPM’s course or unit endorsement, demonstrates commitment to the professional development of students by helping to develop skills for the workforce aligned to International Competency Standards for Complex Project Management and Leadership.  It also helps organisations identify and hire talent that have the capabilities required to identify and respond to complexity in an ever increasingly complex future world work.

Benefits of ICCPM Endorsement:

  • High quality offering recognised by the leading peak body in Complex Project Management.

  • Education providers demonstrate commitment to ongoing course/unit development to ensure their offerings align with relevant and current competency standards.

  • Graduates are equipped with the skills and competencies most sought by potential employers.

  • Recognition – ICCPM endorsement certificate, and use of the ICCPM course or unit endorsement insignia on marketing materials.

  • Listing on the ICCPM website.

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