International Roundtable Series 2022-23 – Ottawa Workshop

Data Analytics for Informed Decision Making in Complex Projects

Date and Time: 13 March, 2023 from 9:00am – 4:00pm EDT
Venue: Ottawa, Canada, Centre for Executive Leadership, Sun Life Financial Centre, 99 Bank Street, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON  K1P 6B9
Event Fee: FREE
Registrations close: 8th March 2023 5pm EST — 9th March 2023 at 9:00am AEDT 

Event Sponsor: TELFER School of Management

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Keynote Speaker

Major-General C.J. Zimmer, MSM, CD – Assistant Deputy Minister (Data, Innovation, Analytics)

Hailing from Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Major-General Christopher Zimmer joined the Canadian Forces as an Air Logistician in 1990 and graduated from RMC in 1994. During his career, MGen Zimmer has occupied a number of tactical, operational and strategic positions at Goose Bay, Cold Lake, Winnipeg, Kingston and Ottawa. Most recent key positions includes Commander of Canadian Material Support Group (CMSG) and Director General Support/ Strategic J4 within the Strategic Joint Staff (SJS) at National Defence HQ. MGen Zimmer has deployed twice with the fighters in support of operations in Kosovo and then as the Chief of Staff for the JTF-Afghanistan Air Wing.  He holds an MBA, an MDS and an MPA and is a graduate of the National Security Program (NSP) at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto. In 2021, MGen Zimmer joined the team at Assistant Deputy Minister (Data, Innovation, Analytics) and he has been the Acting ADM since February, 2022.