Complex Project Management: Global Perspectives and the Strategic Agenda to 2025.  The Taskforce Report.

During the closing session of ICCPM’s 2009 Global Roundtable series ‘The Conspiracy of Optimism –
Why Mega Projects Fail
’, the CEO of a large US-based multinational voiced the thoughts of all participants – ‘is this just another talk-fest or are we going to do something about it?’ As the International Peak Body for Complex Project Management, ICCPM accepted the challenge and subsequently instigated and facilitated an international task force in collaboration with Global Access Partners.  This report is the outcome, and marks the point of departure for a new approach to the management of complex programmes.

The report provides 9 higher level policy recommendations plus shorter term actions; these are supported by 60 recommendations targeting detailed, specific areas for improvement and 31 suggestions for further research. It represents many voices and raises issues of complexity management in many different forms and contexts, across different industry sectors, government and academia. By offering a range of perspectives from differing levels of organisational maturity and focusing the creative tension of academic viewpoints, it is intended to spark much-needed debate and discussion.

It does not pretend to provide all the answers – in managing complexity there is no magical Philosophers Stone that turns base metal into gold overnight – although it does provide insight into areas where government and industry can make short to medium-term investment to gain real improvements in complex project management performance. But more importantly, the report is the catalyst for establishing concerted support for strategic investment in complex project management research.