Complex projects demand outcome focused leadership that possesses a broad enough repertoire
to face the unknown and deliver against a real world need – which, irritatingly, may not actually be what we thought was wanted in the first place.

We must radically change our way of thinking about project delivery; and that demands leadership that is strong enough to think about leadership itself, has the courage to adopt innovative approaches, and possesses the tenacity to deliver no matter what. The world’s most forward-thinking organisations understand this, which is why a number of them have come together as partners in ICCPM, using it as the independent vehicle for sharing experience and wisdom across market-sector and geographical boundaries. Senior representatives from over 35 public and private sector organisations, reinforced by contributions from subject matter experts from Australia, the UK, US and Canada constituted an ICCPM and Global Access Partners-facilitated task force to address the issue.  They realised that it is collaboration, not competition, that will drive the research, innovation and change needed to move beyond the litany of stalled development, blown budgets and
unfit-for-purpose deliverables.

The report – “Complex Project Management: Global Perspectives and the Strategic Agenda to 2025” – is the outcome of that collaboration.

Read the executive summary here: ICCPM Executive Summary