ICCPM 2009 Roundtable

The International Centre for Complex Procurement Management (ICCPM) convened its inaugural roundtable on ‘The Conspiracy of Optimism’ in Canberra on 27 May 2009.  The roundtable brought together a number of senior people from the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), Defence industry, other agencies, and ICCPM to discuss the topic and define the actions required to address the Conspiracy of Optimism.  The three key questions that framed the discussion of the roundtable are:

  1. What causes this Conspiracy of Optimism and why does it happen?
  2. What options are there to improve the performance of the total Defence acquisition system?
  3. How can behaviour be changed to encourage accurate, honest and courageous cost estimation?

This report addresses the discussion around each of these questions by outlining some preliminary thoughts derived from pre-reading, introductory presentations, and plenary discussion.  It then provides a set of summary conclusions and an action agenda that sets out the agreed actions that might be taken to address the conspiracy of optimism in complex Defence acquisitions.