Hitting a Moving Target – FULL REPORT

/Hitting a Moving Target – FULL REPORT

The World Economic Forum (WEF) report Global Risks 2012/2013 makes pretty depressing reading, showing an alarming
combination of likelihood and impact of the major risks identified in the light of ever-increasing global interconnectedness. Resilience is identified as the key element needed by countries and organisations to mitigate these risks, most of which are beyond any single entity’s individual capacity to control. They also warn against a paralysis of inaction while waiting for more specific detail and research – the time to build resilience is before the risks become issues – but recognise that the lack of certainty means that we are unsure about what action to take.

The 2012 Roundtable became an exercise in understanding, reframing and working out how to deal with the challenges facing complex project management in the light of the prevailing global social, political and economic environment. Rather than dissecting the issue and focusing on the parts alone, as the industry had tried to do in the past, the group adopted a
broad, systems-wide view which certainly included the examination of individual components, but also asked whether the larger system in which programme leaders and
project managers operate is also in need of transformation. The theme chosen was “Complexity in a Time of Global Financial Change: Program Delivery for the New Economy”.

NB: At inception, the 2012 Roundtable Series was titled “Complexity in a Time of Global Financial Change: Program Delivery for the New Economy.”  Following outcomes from the discussion at the 2012 events, the name of the series was subsequently changed to “Hitting a Moving Target: Complex Project and Programme Delivery in an Uncertain World.”  The discussion paper that accompanies this report can be found the in the resource centre under “Complexity in a Time of Global Financial Change: Program Delivery for the New Economy.”