2012 Roundtable – Hitting a Moving Target Complex Project and Programme Delivery in an Uncertain World.

In every industry, we face increasing complexity and must anticipate unexpected external forces and events.  How can we deliver the outcomes we need in a rapidly changing and uncertain world? How can we make sure that the initial desired outcome of a long duration project will still be fit for purpose when it is eventually implemented? How can we hit a moving target?

This report describes the output of the International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) Roundtable convened to address this issue.

Read the executive summary: 2012 Roundtable Exec. Summary- Hitting a moving target

NB: At inception, the 2012 Series was originally titled “Complex in a Time of Global Financial Change: Program Delivery for the New Economy.”  The associated discussion paper for this series can be found in the resources list under that name.