New economic winners and losers have emerged in response to the accelerating rate of change and
greater complexity that is symptomatic of a phase transition, to a new kind of society and a new “operating system” for which the world is ill-prepared. Systems are now so complex and subject to constant change or re-organization that even the most rudimentary improvements may have unexpected and/or undesirable consequences.

The same high-level leadership and technical skills required to win support for, design, fund and develop major complex projects and programs are now required more broadly in business, government and community to enable society to rise to the challenges ahead and to create a sustainable future.

The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM)’s 2012 Roundtable Series will focus on the impact that upheavals in the global economy will have on complex projects and programs.

Key words: Change, chaos, complexity, complex major projects and programs, dystopia, financial system, leadership, opportunity, risk, uncertainty.

NB: At inception, the 2012 Roundtable Series was titled “Complexity in a Time of Global Financial Change: Program Delivery for the New Economy.”  Following outcomes from the discussion at the 2012 events, the name of the series was subsequently changed to “Hitting a Moving Target: Complex Project and Programme Delivery in an Uncertain World.”  Other resources such as Executive Summary and the Full Report can be found in the resource centre under this name.