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This interview is between ICCPM CEO Collin Smith and Dr John Bensley, Academic Director, QUT Canberra & Learning Innovation, QUT Graduate School of Business. Dr Bensley is a subject matter expert in systems thinking.  Collin and Dr.Bensley draw out some key discussion points around the topic of complex program leadership and the need to be able to respond to an increasingly complex project and program environments.

In this 2018 Roundtable Catch Up, you will hear from senior delegates at the Melbourne Roundtable discussing key highlights from the event and future opportunities for in-depth discussion and research on crucial points raised.  Panel representatives in this podcast: • Collin Smith, ICCPM CEO (Moderator) • Dr Maurizio Floris (Director Leadership Development, John Grill Centre for Project Leadership) • Peter Sexton (Partner Management Consulting, KPMG) • Susannah Thelander (Project Director, Toll).

ICCPM Members Exclusive. Naomi Mathers (Director, Industry Liaison and Member Services, ICCPM) interviews Andrew Pyke (Keyholder Pty Ltd). Andrew was involved in the establishment of the original Complex Project Manager Competency Standards, and he has been contributing to the current standards review. After a review event in Canberra, Andrew shared some history with ICCPM members. In this podcast Andrew takes us on the journey of how the original standards were established. He talks about the increase in mega projects, the associated increased demand for people with the skills to manage these projects, and the identified shortfall in skills, leading to the coming together of industry, government and academia in 2005, and the establishment of the standards in 2007.

ICCPM Members Exclusive. This interview podcast discusses square kilometre arrays (SKA) w/ Dr Sarah Pearce and Dr Phil Crosby from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Sarah is currently the Deputy Director of CSIRO’s Astronomy & Space Science (CASS), where she chairs the CASS Executive. Sarah has a particular responsibility for CSIRO’s role in the Square Kilometre Array project, and manages the CSIRO SKA Centre that co-ordinates CSIRO SKA activities. She has been Australian Science Director on the SKA Board, and part of the negotiating team for the SKA Convention.

Phil is CASS Business Strategist and major project consultant, with responsibilities including long range planning, risk reviews, new program studies, industry engagement, and oversight of CASS’s Project Review Board. He is also a Fellow Member of ICCPM. Interview by Dr Naomi Mathers, ICCPM Director, Industry Liaison and Member Services.

ICCPM Members Exclusive. ICCPM Director Dr Naomi Mathers sits down with ICCPM CEO Collin Smith to share some insights from the ICCPM report Project Leadership: The game changer in large scale complex projects. The report launched in Canberra, Australia on 13 June, 2019.

ICCPM Members Exclusive. Carole Osterweil is a troubleshooter, coach and author of Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience – A Leader’s Guide to Walking in Fog.  She works with executives and project delivery teams who want higher productivity and better outcomes with less stress.   Carole coaches at Ashridge, part of Hult International Business School, and runs Visible Dynamics a boutique consulting and coaching practice.   Her current projects include work with Cranfield University and PA Consulting to increase the UK Government’s senior project and program management capability.  She knows first-hand what leading projects in the midst of turmoil is all about.

More podcasts available exclusively to ICCPM Members.

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