In the twenty-first century, market labour forces are converging. Project managers are acting as integrators and translators, connecting a project team comprised of members based in different countries, different sectors, different industries.

The modern project team has individuals with diverse ages, values/beliefs, traditions, ethic backgrounds and personalities.

Effective utilisation of a diverse workforce is a key element of positive workplace culture, where individuals flourish and organisations thrive. This emerging situation is creating a new paradigm for project managers who’s focus and skill set now must be attuned to learning to lead and motivate these diverse project teams. If successful, the project manager is more likely to solve complex problems and identify innovative solutions to deliver project outcomes.

“This softer side to project management can no longer be treated as a stepchild; it must be embraced and managed as vigorously as cost, scope and quality.”1

The ability to create a project team environment which allows diversity – and at its core, inclusion – to flourish creates high-performing teams, reducing time, effort and costs for projects, and directly contributing to successful outcomes for the organisation.

Our ICCPM Breakfast Panel event on the 28th of March, brings together project leaders from various sectors and experiences to discuss the value of diversity and inclusion in project teams, organisations and the role of the project manager to embed and create a positive workplace culture which delivers results.

We have a fantastically diverse panel which will bring different perspectives from different industries and topics to the discussion:

Dr Steve Rogers
CEO, Centre for Appropriate Technology Ltd

Ashleigh Streeter-Jones
ACT Woman of the Year, Former Director, Future 21: Young Australians in International Affairs

Traci-Ann Byrnes
First Assistant Secretary, Program Performance, Australian Department of Defence (CASG)

Dr John Bensley
Academic Director, QUT Canberra & Innovation, QUT Graduate School of Business

Megan Bunfield
National Manager, Online Services, CIO Group, Department of Human Services


  • How diversity and inclusion are important in effectively responding to current challenges facing different sectors;
  • Leadership skills to achieve diversity and inclusion excellence;
  • The significance of the project managers role in championing, implementing and maintaining inclusive workplace practices;
  • How we measure success in the context of diversity and inclusion.

Find out more about our fantastic panellists and register here.