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The ICCPM is a Registered Training Organisations (RTO #41394) in Australia with the Australian Skills Qualifications Authority (ASQA) under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).  Students who complete the Certificate IV in Organisational Complexity receive a Nationally recognised qualification (10195NAT).

Who are these courses for?
This is a qualification that builds on the existing knowledge and experience of people in mid-to senior levels with at least 5 years of project management experience.

A total of 7 days of workshops delivered over 3 – 6 months with the flexibility to complete the course within 12 months.

Delivery Method and Structure:

ICCPM offers the Certificate IV in the following Australian locations as available: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.

We use purpose built training venues, located in each capital centre to facilitate face-to-face course delivery, and also includes self-paced study, through which students apply approaches taught in the course to workplace projects and assessments.   For more information on assessment methods please refer to the Student Information Handbook.

The programme comprises of four separate units:

  • Identify and Respond to Complexity in Project Environments (3 days);
  • Lead Through Organisational Complexity (2 days);
  • *Apply Decision-making Concepts and Tools in Complex Environments;
  • *Apply Risk Management Principles and Tools in Complex Environments.

*delivered together over 2 days.

On successful completion of the training and assessment tasks, students will receive an AQF qualification for 10195NAT Certificate IV in Responding to Organisational Complexity.


Unit                                                                                                                 Price*
Respond to Complexity in Project Environments                                           $2,522.39*pp
to be completed prior to attendance on the other units)

Manage Risk and Decision Making in Complex Environments                     $1,488.30*pp

Lead Through Organisational Complexity                                                     $1,488.30*pp

The total cost to complete the Certificate IV in Responding to Organisational Complexity (all 4 units) is $5,499*pp. Price is per person and is GST Free.

* Corporate Partner and/or Individual Member discounts are available. Contact us for more information and terms and conditions.


  • Fully catered workshops;
  • Face-to-face course delivery with experienced facilitators;
  • Ongoing learner support;
  • Access to ICCPM’s online forum;
  • Study guides;
  • Course resources;
  • Complimentary ICCPM Membership Program subscription;
  • Award Certificate or Statement of Attainment.

Refund Policy:
ICCPM is committed to fair and transparent application of fees and charges as well as the processing of refunds where applicable. Carefully our ICCPM refund policy for detailed information pertaining to course refunds.

Our short courses offer a continuing professional development approach to exploring and enhancing knowledge in your chosen area of interest, aligned to best practice complex project manager standards.

Who are these courses for?
These courses are suitable for those wishing to gain a broad understanding of their  chosen study topic in a complex project environment.  Students do not have to be managers or leaders to benefit from these courses, as it is equally applicable to different organisational roles.  All courses have been developed to cater for organisations that have a requirement for a foundation level of skills and knowledge within the world of complexity.

Duration of short courses varies depending on the short course you are choosing to attend but range from 1-3 days of training.

At the conclusion of your elected short course, all participants will be mailed an electronic certificate of attendance.

Delivery Method and Structure:
All short courses are currently only being offered in a Face-to-Face format.  Content structure for each course will vary depending on the specific unit and total duration of the training being provided (1-3 days).

All short courses cost display costs inclusive of GST and displayed in Australian dollars.  All payments for courses must be paid in Australian currency.

Refund Policy:
ICCPM is committed to fair and transparent application of fees and charges as well as the processing of refunds where applicable. Carefully read our ICCPM refund policy for detailed information pertaining to short course refunds.

The ICCPM membership community is a global network of project organisations and like-minded professionals committed to improving complex project delivery.  We strive to create engaging opportunities for professional growth to help develop project leaders who are best equipped to deliver positive project outcomes in today’s complex environment.

The below information pertains to the purchasing of individual memberships and organisation memberships.  If you are interested in purchasing any of of ICCPM other membership offerings (Corporate Partnership or Academic Partnership), please contact us.

Who are Individual memberships for?
Individual membership is for project and program managers at all levels and across all organisational sectors.  Ideal for those wishing to strengthen skills and knowledge surrounding complex projects, develop leadership capabilities to successfully manage projects of the future career and open professional development and career opportunities.

Who are Organisation memberships for?
Organisation memberships are for any organisation regardless of size or industry, interested in a “no-frills” business membership to ICCPM.  Ideal for those organisations wishing to strengthen skills and knowledge surrounding complex project delivery, access a range tools and resources to help deliver your organisations projects efficiently and successfully, offer professional development opportunities to staff and access open engagement opportunities with other businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.

All ICCPM Memberships are valid for a 12 month period from date of purchase.  Towards the conclusion of your 12 month period, you will be sent notifications from ICCPM reminding you of your upcoming expiry and action required.  If you allow your membership to expire, access to member only content on the ICCPM website and associated benefits will cease immediately on the day following expiry.

Notifications regarding organisation memberships will be sent to the nominated organisation contact provided on registration.

Membership Benefits:

  • Connect e-Magazine
  • Knowledge Resources
  • Discounts on Signature Events
  • Member Bulletin
  • Access Special Interest Groups (SIG’s)
  • Post Nominals
  • The Upskilling Advantage
  • Preferential Rates on Complexity Tools
  • Coming Soon: Exclusive Access to the ICCPM Exchange Lounge.

For detailed information regarding the above benefits, please visit our individual membership page.

Individual memberships are available for $198.00 AUD  + GST.

International Individual memberships are available for $198.000 AUD (no GST applied).

Organisation memberships are available for $5,000 AUD + GST.

Refund Policy:
ICCPM is committed to fair and transparent application of fees and charges as well as the processing of refunds where applicable. Carefully our ICCPM refund policy for detailed information regarding membership refunds.

  • IP and confidentiality – ICCPM owns the Intellectual Property for all material, written and verbal, presented during the course. All materials provided to participants are for use during the course and cannot be reproduced or sold for use outside the scope of the Certificate IV in Responding to Organisational Complexity. All student information, workplace case studies, assignments and discussions are considered confidential material and will be treated as such by ICCPM.
  • Contextualisation – ICCPM will work with ICCPM Corporate Partners to contextualise in-house training to meet their needs within the limitations set by ASQA for a Certificate IV and without compromising the learning outcomes. This includes the use of customer case studies and examples. The decision to customise a course must be communicated at the time of booking. ICCPM is responsible for providing information related to the characteristics of suitable case studies. The customer is responsible for providing potential case studies no less than six weeks prior to the commencement of the course. ICCPM retains the right to use this material in a way that best serves the learning objectives of the course.
  • Venue and catering – For in-house courses, the customer is responsible for providing a suitable venue and catering. The venue should provide a good learning environment with natural light, good ventilation and temperature control, a flexible seating arrangement, projector and screen, white board and flip charts. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea should be catered for, and water should be available all day.
  • Minimum number of participants – ICCPM requires a minimum of 12 participants for an in-house course. The minimum is set for financial viability and to maximise the learning experience of the participants. Courses of more than 20 participants can be delivered with the support of a second facilitator. If a second facilitator is contracted, the financial commitment will then be a minimum of 21 participants.
  • Confirmation of participant’s details – ICCPM requires final numbers and a list of participants no later than 21 days from the commencement of the course. This time is required for ICCPM to distribute course materials, including pre-reading, to participants.
  • Participation – Full participation is an ASQA regulatory requirements of a Certificate IV and an important part of the cohort learning experience. Any participant that cannot attend a full module will need to complete the missed component, at additional cost, to attain the certification.
    • Public course – One days’ attendance will be charged ($728.60 for Gold Partners)
    • One-to-one virtual – $220 /hr
    • One-to-one – $220/hr (minimum 1 day) + travel expenses
  • Substitutions, transfers and withdrawals – Substitutions, transfers and withdrawals are possible with the following conditions:
    • All substitutions, transfers and withdrawals should be communicated to ICCPM a minimum of 1 week before the commencement of the course. Any withdrawals less than 1 week prior to the commencement of the course will incur a $120 administration fee.
    • A participant can transfer from an in-house course to a public course subject to availability and payment of the difference in tuition fees ($695 Cert IV; $305 Complexity in Project Environments; $195 Risk and Decision Making in Complex Environments; $195 Lead through Organisational Complexity).

Refund Policy:
ICCPM is committed to fair and transparent application of fees and charges as well as the processing of refunds where applicable. Carefully read our ICCPM refund policy for detailed information regarding membership refunds.

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