Join Managing Risk in Complexity

by Co-Chairs Dr Richard Barber and Davin Shellshear


It is with pleasure and excitement that ICCPM is launching the Special Interest Group – Managing Risk in Complexity (MRC SIG). The topic for this first SIG is no coincidence – it is deliberately aligned to the current ICCPM Roundtable Series.

ICCPM SIGs will be places for collaboration, sharing and the development of practical ideas, methods and tools for project managers. They will aim for broad participation internationally and to share a wide range of views and ideas.

All ICCPM SIGs will work hard to enable practical, value-adding outcomes focused on the challenges and opportunities experienced by members. Members will determine the topics of interest and will shape how each SIG operates. Our new ICCPM SIG communicates through a forum where you can share documents, form chat groups and collaborate.

Every ICCPM Partner organisation and individual is strongly urged and invited to take part in the MRC SIG or establish their own SIG. It is only through your active involvement that we can identify and work on the challenges in project complexity that matter most to you.

An Introduction to the MRC SIG

ICCPM’s MRC SIG is a forum for open, inclusive conversations and collaborative exploration into managing risk and uncertainty in complex project environments. Our twin aims are to learn from each other’s experience and views and also to work together to extend and improve current risk management practice in complexity.

Davin Shellshear and Dr Richard Barber will co-chair SIG meetings and coordinate activities. However, SIG participants will have a lot of control over the scope of the discussions and priorities for collaboration. A key factor in the success of the SIG will be the involvement of people with a wide diversity of lived experience, perceptions and knowledge.

Strongly influenced by participants, the SIG will identify and then work on a series of real challenges in order to reach useful conclusions and to both identify and improve practical tools and methods available for working in and on uncertainty in complex project environments. Feedback to all ICCPM members will include articles and papers in CONNECT e-Magazine.

MRC SIG Co-Chairs

Dr Richard Barber has an extensive project leadership background in large Australian Defence projects, with roles including project engineer, international project liaison officer, project quality assurance, and project and program director. His later PhD research studied hidden and systemic risk in complex projects. Richard is a recent ICCPM Fellow, and also the MD of RiskIQ Global Australia – helping organisations to embed systemic risk management capability within their business-as-usual ways of working. RiskIQ is a long-term ICCPM collaborator.

Davin Shellshear has over 48 years professional engineering experience including over 20 years as Operations Director and then CEO of Brisbane Water. In his role, Davin designed, initiated, and implemented major asset management systems, improved customer relation management, and introduced and managed cultural change programs to successfully and radically improve performance and competitiveness of service delivery.

Membership of the MRC SIG

All ICCPM SIGs are open to ICCPM members only. See ICCPM Membership benefits.

The MRC SIG Members Guide describes how the MRC SIG will operate initially, including expected roles and behaviours of everyone participating. Over time, members will be able to adapt how the SIG works.

Initial Meetings

In addition to four formal SIG meetings each year, there will be ongoing opportunities for ad-hoc meetings and collaboration on topics of interest to members. The first meeting will agree on one or two topics to be further explored in MRC SIG working groups.

  • Thursday 25th March, 5:30pm – 6:30pm AEDT
  • Thursday 27th May, 8:00am – 9:00am AEDT

Proposed Agenda:

  • Introductions by participants
  • Quick introduction the aim and operation of the SIG
  • Lessons, messages and questions raised by the current Roundtable Series so far
  • Open discussion on current risk management related challenges or opportunities
  • Identification of a small number of specific challenges (topics) we would like to work on now, and how to do that
  • Any other business. Q & A
  • Next meeting

All meetings will be conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams. After each meeting, the session will remain open for conversation for at least 30 minutes.

Want to know more?

To find out more and or tojoin, log in to the ICCPM website and follow the link to the SIG webpage:

Once there, just click on the link to the MRC SIG webpage. You will be able to see more about the SIG and you will have the opportunity to apply to join the SIG.