November 2023

The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) is pleased to announce that the new Complex Project Leadership Competency Standards have been endorsed by the Deputy Secretary Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG), Australian Department of Defence, on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia.

“The adoption of these competency standards, and the development of a highly skilled workforce with the skills they define, is particularly important as we seek to reform the capability acquisition process to achieve more timely and relevant capability outcomes as directed by Government following the Defence Strategic Review.”
Chris Deeble, DEPSEC CASG

In an era marked by constant change, heightened interconnectedness, and intricate interdependencies, the successful execution of complex projects has become imperative for industries across the globe. These Standards define the skills and competencies project leaders need to succeed in complex environments.

These competency standards are the result of an international consultation process that brought together leading academics and experienced practitioners over a number of years. With the acknowledgement that primacy is shifting from ‘management’ to ‘leadership’ in complex projects, these Standards detail specific competencies required to navigate project complexity.

“As the custodian of these competency standards on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia, we encourage all professionals involved in complex project delivery to embrace these standards as a valuable resource and guide on their leadership journey. By embracing the competencies outlined in these Standards, we can collectively elevate the practice of complex project leadership, driving positive change, fostering innovation, and ensuring the successful realisation of projects that shape our interconnected world.”
Collin Smith, CEO ICCPM

With the new Standards in place, we can now look to implementation. ICCPM is working to establish a Certification Scheme based on the Standards. This program will support the validation of skills and competencies and help align people with project and program needs. The trial of this Scheme will commence in the coming months.

For further information, please contact ICCPM on or 02 6169 6970.