ICCPM Celebrates
International Project Management Day 2020

As a not-for-profit peak body established to build organisational capability in the successful delivery of complex projects, we are delighted to be able to celebrate this International Project Management Day.

On this special day, I would like to wish project leaders and everyone involved in the delivery of projects, a very happy International Project Management Day. It is a day meant to recognise the achievements and hard work of project professionals across the globe.

As we here at ICCPM are very much aware, projects can face numerous complexities and emergent obstacles. Project management can certainly be a very challenging profession. During no time in recent memory is that more true than in 2020, where countries and organisations around the world have had to face significant challenges such as the COVID-19 crisis. This year has presented many challenges that continue to test project leadership and organisational maturity to adapt to the ever-changing project delivery landscape.

As part of rising up to the challenge of the disruption caused by the pandemic, ICCPM continues to hold the 2020 International Roundtable Series, an ICCPM Thought Leadership initiative that explores the theme of Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects: Risk, Uncertainty and Opportunity. This thought leadership topic was chosen pre-COVID and we are realising now more than before just how important adding to the body of knowledge in this area is, given the emergence of the pandemic and the uncertainty that this has brought about not only to our daily lives but also to the programs and projects we are seeking to deliver. I would like to invite project practitioners and academics to join us at one of the virtual Roundtable sessions to share your experiences, discuss with fellow experts and provide key insights to be published in an outcomes report to guide and better inform the delivery of future projects. You can learn more by visiting our webpage www.iccpm.com/2020-rs.

Likewise, if you or members of your team are interested in upskilling in the area of project complexity, I invite you to learn more about our training opportunities. One that comes highly recommended is our Online Complex Project Simulation. It enables you to put your project leadership skills to the test without the real-life risks. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

As I mentioned, while project management can be very challenging, it is also certainly very rewarding. Countless people may reap the benefits of your projects. So to you, I say thank you for all your hard work. Congratulations for being part of this very important profession, and for making it to where you are in your project management journey. May you have many more successful projects ahead.

Once again, I wish you a very happy International Project Management Day.





Collin Smith

CEO and Managing Director
International Centre for Complex Project Management