ICCPM is pleased to welcome the appointment of two new Fellows,  Mr. David Pitchford (lower right) and Dr. Stephen Whittle (upper right), invited to join by the Board in November in recognition each of their contributions in complex projects.

In seeking to provide a hub for Complex Project Management knowledge and leadership support, the ICCPM Fellowship Program honours individuals who are highly credible and successful project managers with a proven track record in working in complex environments.  With the addition of Mr. David Pitchford and Dr. Stephen Whittle, the ICCPM Fellowship program is now supported by 28 individuals internationally and across various sectors.

ICCPM Chair, Dr. Alicia Aitken, said she was very impressed with the calibre of the two nominees and their impact on the complex environment space.

“I am looking forward to having David and Stephen join our ICCPM network.  Their experience in complex environments and each of their commitments to lead progress in this field will no doubt result in fantastic contributions for positive change towards complexity management; and importantly promote the support ICCPM can provide organisations to deliver project success,” Dr. Aitken said.

Mr. Pitchford was nominated for Fellowship by ICCPM Director and Fellow Mr. Tim Banfield, who acknowledged Mr. Ptichford’s top-level management experience spanning thirty years in government, private and public sectors across the Middle East, UK and Australia.  He is a leading authority in all aspects of project leadership, assurance and control in the sectors of construction, development, economic infrastructure, transport, defence and energy.  Strongly embedded within the Australian University Sector, Mr. Pitchford is also an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of the Built Environment for the University of NSW.

“I am honoured to have my achievements recognised by other leaders in the area of complexity.  I am looking forward to speaking at ICCPM events and building the body of knowledge in complex project and programme management through ICCPM,” Mr. Pitchford said. 

Dr. Stephen Whittle was nominated by ICCPM Director and Fellow Dr. Phil Crosby, who shone light on Dr. Whittle’s exceptional leadership in change management initiatives in software development, infrastructure upgrades and business transformations.  Stephen holds multiple qualifications including a Doctorate in Business Administration and Fellowships with numerous other project and leadership organisations.

“Becoming a Fellow of ICCPM allows me to contribute my expertise and knowledge alongside those of other Fellows in order to tackle complex issues.  Together, I look forward to developing ideas and resources that project management professionals will use to successfully manage projects that will shape our future society,” Dr. Whittle said.

For further information, please contact ICCPM on admin@iccpm.com or 02 6120 5110.

The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) is a partner and membership based not-for-profit organisation utilising global networks to facilitate research and disseminate knowledge about complexity; to develop and deliver complexity education products for practitioners; and to connect practitioners and subject matter experts with business and government to improve internal organisational capability.