ICCPM – BRIN Systems Thinking Awareness Micro Course News

ICCPM Director of Research and Development, Dr Nam Nguyen recently delivered the ICCPM Systems Thinking Awareness Micro Course for BRIN in Indonesia that was attended by more than 70 participants. BRIN is the Indonesian National Research and Innovation Agency, a new mega Government Agency (established in 2021 by the Indonesian President) combining 4 biggest research agencies and many institutes from different Ministries in Indonesia.

Dr. Trina Fizzanty (Director of the Research Centre for Education, BRIN) has great appreciation after the event:

We invited Dr Nam Nguyen (Director of R&D of ICCPM, Australia) to share his expertise on Systems Thinking to BRIN on October 12th in EduLecture Series (Research Centre for Education BRIN). Systems Thinking is essential to understand the complexity world. Without interconnected, it is only a set, not a system. The system can be simple or complex. Sometimes we just see the symptom events, we don’t know the systemic structure and mental models (people’s understanding). Hence, we tend to fix it quickly, without realising the unintended consequences of our decision. This is only 2 hours lecture, but Dr Nam gave the introduction of the Systems Thinking in a simple and interesting way. Our researchers were so excited to learn this approach. Thank you so much. We do hope to learn more intensive on Systems Thinking.”

(Source: https://www.facebook.com/trina.fizzanty)

The above event was also highlighted on BRIN TV (minutes 3.58 – 7.35).

To meet the growing needs and interests from our international community and audience, ICCPM has increased global activities. For example, our upcoming Webinars are organised in suitable time windows for international attendance, featuring globally renowned experts from Norway and Canada, as well as Airbus Defence and Space, UK. Various discussions and initiatives are also underway with partners and collaborators in Asia and South America.