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Examples of complexity and emergence

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      Hello Brains Trust,

      I hope everyone is good, I have been travelling of late, and while overseas have been talking with different international groups about complexity. One of the people I was talking with, asked for examples, and while my examples of complexity from previous projects have been more about emergence, with the exception of Commonwealth Games, Formula One and Air Services.  It made me wonder, do we need to put together a list of complex project examples, both straight complexity, as well as emergence.

      Nothing conveys and understanding of a subject than previous examples especially showing what works and what doesn’t.

      This could potentially be another paper, examples from simple project gone complex, through to complex projects from day one.  I have also been chasing a personal project which has been looking at  complexity through history (well that is the excuse I will give the tax man, for all my overseas travel).

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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