5 Tips to make the most of your online course

Just enroled for an online course? How do you make the most of your experience? It’s important that people treat an online course with as much respect and preparation as in-person course. Get the most value out of your online course. See five quick tips you can practice whether at home or in the office:

  1. Have your equipment ready and review all pre-course materials
    This includes testing your webcam, microphone, internet, and links to join the course. Don’t spend the first five minutes of the course scrambling over why your microphone isn’t working. In addition, reviewing all pre-course materials is a great way to set your expectations for the items to be covered, and will help you prepare follow-up questions with the lecturer.
  2. Find a comfortable and private space
    Just like a course handled face to face, it’s important to reserve a room for yourself that is conducive to learning. Clear up your schedule from other appointments for the duration of the course. Refrain from distractions in the room such as texting and talking to someone else.
  3. Be on time
    Be present from start to finish to fully immerse yourself in the discussions. In the unlikely event that you might be late or absent, inform the organisers ahead of time. This is also common courtesy for the rest of the class so as not to keep them waiting.
  4. Turn on your webcam
    There are REAL people on the other side. Giving them your undivided attention and respect will lead to a more engaging learning experience. It ill also allow you to provide immediate feedback and reassure that you are actively listening.
  5. Mute your microphone when not speaking
    Environmental noises can be out of our control. Ensure you don’t disrupt the flow the discussions by muting your microphone. As a courtesy to the rest of the class, minimise distractions from environmental noises where possible.

We hope you’ve found those tips helpful and enjoyed the video to get the most out of your online course. ICCPM is the sole custodian for the Global Complex Project Manager Standards. For the best courses on complex project management, click the button below to see our professional development options and determine which is best for your project team.