Project Management Re-Imagined: Taking a People-Centric Approach to Improving Project Controllability and Success

Date: 12 October, 2021
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm AEDT
Registrations close: 11 October, 2021 or when fully booked
Format: Webinar – Delivered Online

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This webinar stems from Paul Myers’ research featured in the ICCPM Research Support Program.


This webinar is designed to introduce participants to some of the concepts and challenges of researching projects when taking a people centric approach in a real world setting. This is about harnessing project team people on projects in a much more productive manner in order to assert collaborative control over the execution of the project to improve project controllability and success. The presentation uses ‘rich pictures’ as per the Soft Systems Methodology (Checkland, 2000) coupled with a quick fire verbal narrative to link them together rather than just a series of bullet pointed slides.

It is far reaching in its scope and in total puts on display the length, breadth and some of the depth of this work limited only by the time available for the webinar. In effect, a demonstration of the fact that while we know a lot about projects it highlights how little we really understand. At the end there is a call to action for participants to get their organisations involved in the research for the mutual betterment of the project industry – albeit in a covid friendly manner.


Paul’s work drives off the idea that people act as a complex adaptive processor within an equally complex adaptive project system. It’s the net effect that matters in linking success to the project system as a whole.  It  challenges the idea that project leadership is the critical element and widens the scope to include followership. It equally challenges and reframes ‘root cause’ analysis, that while interesting, the project director really needs to know what dominant factors are that need to be managed throughout the lifecycle of the project to achieve success. Participants will be introduced to not only the conceptual development side of Paul’s research in relation to complex systems but also methodology and methods being used to investigate project systems.


Paul is a mature-age 3rd year PhD student. Having practised the science and art of project management for 40 years in multiple States, Countries, industries and disciplines, he brings a wealth of understanding of PM practice to his academic studies. There are few who cannot benefit from exposure to Paul’s knowledge, experience and wisdom gained by successfully delivering many landmark projects, including megaprojects. If your organisation would benefit from Paul’s studies and would like to participate for mutual learning, please contact Paul directly on 0414-879 736 or by email


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