Capturing Value from Complexity

24 April 2024
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM AEST

Dr Mustafa Hafizoglu
Managing Partner, Advisors Turkey

The application of social network theory in project management can provide valuable insights for scholars and practitioners in understanding the impact of changes in communication patterns among stakeholders on predictable outcomes, especially in complex projects. By investigating the development of networks within temporary complex project organizations and putting forth a framework for modeling network dynamics across time, this webinar seeks to capture value from complexity. Despite the inevitability of network evolution, the temporal dimension of networks is often overlooked in existing network theory literature. However, project organizations offer an ideal context for studying network evolution due to their temporary and dynamic nature. This webinar aims to present a transition from attribute-based project stakeholder analysis solely based on the characteristics of the stakeholders (such as power, interest, and impact), to a relation-based analysis utilizing network theory. Moreover, this webinar endeavors to unveil a relationship between enhanced project-related communication within an evolving project network and heightened stakeholder satisfaction.

Complexity comes from various identified and unidentified relationships between parts. Participants will learn a new framework for managing stakeholders which focuses on identifying relationships and their effects at the end of this webinar.

Mustafa is a project management professional, author, instructor, and strategy implementation professional with a 25-years of experience in aerospace, defense electronics, and manufacturing, managing complex projects and programs. He is the co-founder and past president of PMI Turkey Chapter and representative of KMI (Knowledge Management Institute) in MEA region. He’s been teaching Project Management Courses at various universities such as Middle East Technical University and TED University. Mustafa is a part of the core teams for PMI’s Practice Guides on Governance of Projects, Programs, and Portfolios as well as Benefits Realization Management. Mustafa has a Ph.D. in business administration with a focus on project stakeholder management. He is currently Managing Partner at Advisors Turkey, a subsidiary of global consulting and training company.

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