Complexity 101

Date: 06 December 2019
Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm AEDT

Registrations close: 05 December, 2019
Format: Webinar – Delivered Online
Price: $33 non-members, $16.50 members*

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Participants will receive a copy of the Powerpoint slides after the webinar.

“The parts that make [project] complexity difficult to assess are in the two areas hardest to measure: People and their abilities, and work environment.”
Johanna Rothman, consultant, speaker, and author

While not all projects are complex, identifying the elements and processes that contribute to complexity help us understand why too many complex projects fail, and how to more effectively manage complexity. So, what defines a complex project, how do you recognize when you’re in one, and what are some approaches to manage the project successfully?

This webinar is for people who are new to complexity theory. It will introduce you to some basic terminology and concepts around the work environment such as the difference between a simple, complicated and complex project.


This webinar aims to build on the skills and knowledge of people working within the field of people management or project/program management, raising awareness of the types of complexities faced by organisations.

By the end of this online workshop, attendees will:

  • Have an introductory understanding to complexity thinking as an essential and complimentary skillset to traditional management practices;

  • Understand the difference in terminology between a simple, complicated and complex;

  • Have had an introduction to a sense making framework to determine whether you are dealing with a simple, complicated, complex of chaotic problem context and how best to respond.


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