2020 International Roundtable Workshop – India

Online Event

Date: 28 January 2021
Time: 11:30am-1:00pm IST
5:00pm-6:30pm AEDT

Online registrations close: 27 January, 2021 or when fully booked

This is a FREE EVENT as a concession for the COVID-19 lockdowns
If registrations are full, please use the waitlist to be first to hear about future workshops for India


Visit the Roundtable Homepage to learn more about the 2020 International Roundtable Series.

The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM), together with Series Partner Queensland University of Technology (QUTeX) and Anchor Sponsor the Australian Department of Defence – Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG), proudly present the 2020 International Roundtable Series – Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects: Risk, Uncertainty and Opportunity.


ICCPM conducts Thought Leadership to “Help organisations improve the performance of complex projects by staying at the forefront of complex project leadership.” The International Roundtable Series brings together experienced practitioners and senior academics around the world in Roundtable Workshops to explore the identified theme and harness their collective wisdom to produce new insights and practical steps that organisations can take to improve project outcomes. This Thought Leadership initiative aims to exchange experiences and uncover human insights not captured via data collection or observation alone.

Roundtable Homepage


This online International Roundtable Workshop is a 90-minute discussion optimised for the virtual setting and facilitated by ICCPM. These workshops bring together senior project professionals and academics from across sectors to explore the theme using focus questions. Key insights are recorded but contributions are de-identified to encourage frank contributions. ICCPM Members are encouraged to participate in Roundtable workshops.

Each International Roundtable Workshop has been given a schedule to suit the target location(s) where participants from that country/countries are encouraged to join. Additionally, participants from other countries are welcome to join as well.

The International Roundtable Workshops are FREE EVENTS to serve as concessions for the COVID-19 lockdowns that have occurred around the world.

All participants are strongly encouraged to have read the Discussion Paper prior to the event.


The workshop seeks to explore the theme of Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects: Risk, Uncertainty and Opportunity. Further formulation and refinement of workshop questions will be negotiated with participants. Indicative areas of investigation are given below:

  • What are the impacts of the emergent characteristics on complex projects and how can we respond to ensure value is created and benefits are realised?
  • What does systemic risk management in the context of emergence look like and what might we have to do differently?
  • What needs to be done differently to realise opportunity in emergence?
  • How do we deal with uncertainty and emergence during a complex project bid process and after contract phase?
  • What is the role of the governance function in emergent situations and what should governance boards /committees be doing differently?
  • What is the role of diversity and or culture, if any, in harnessing the effects of emergence?
  • How do we manage conventional project controls such as scope, time, and cost in the context of emergence?
  • Can technology help to ‘watch’ for all identified risks and uncertainties in the context of emergence? If so, what data, information, validation and methodology is relevant and appropriate?


This is a FREE EVENT to serve as a concession for the COVID-19 lockdowns that have occurred around the world.


ICCPM is committed to fair and transparent application of fees and charges as well as the processing of refunds where applicable. Carefully read our ICCPM refund policy for detailed information pertaining to refunds.