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ICCPM Education Development Industry Engagement Survey

You may recall in our paper "Contracting for Success in Complex Projects we said: 

“Empirical evidence now exists that implementing approaches and methods appropriate for dealing with complexity, professionalising project teams, and assuring front-end project quality assurance assist in lifting the delivery performance of large/major/complex endeavours; this is encouraging. Studies and testimonials from the UK, Norway and Australia suggest that performance gains in the 5%-10% range are being achieved. However, this still falls short of the 40%-60% performance gap observed across industries and jurisdictions. We must recognise that the benefits of achieving greater levels of success should not only be measured in marginal cost savings but also in the avoidance or minimisation of issues that result from our failure to recognise and therefore manage the complexities in our environment”.  

To enable organisations to achieve higher levels of success in both business as usual and project delivery we must provide appropriate learning and development opportunities and upskill staff to thrive in our ever-increasing complex environments.

To enable us to have our new course accredited in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector  (as we have done with our Cert IV) we are required to demonstrate that we have engaged with our industry stakeholders and we are in fact addressing an industry need.
Your participation in this short survey is very much appreciated.  
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Global Research Survey

Are you currently conducing research focused on addressing complexity in Management contexts?

We are hoping to capture and understand what current research is being undertaken around the world that can help individuals and organisations manage complexity in their environment better, in particular in general management and project management contexts.  We are not wanting to become involved (unless you'd like us to!), we are simply trying to find out what is out there.  Ultimately if we can create a picture of what is being researched we might be able to identify gaps in research and work with researchers on applications to bring those topics to life.

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