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Managing complexity is itself a complex activity. Effective solutions need to be tailored to meet the particular organisation, program or project environment and build on the specific knowledge of the project’s existing stakeholders, leaders and key personnel.

In response to our global partners’ request to provide sources of CPM education, expertise and support, ICCPM has developed the Associate Partner Network. The ICCPM Associate Partner Network is a world first opportunity for government and industry to access a global community of specialist complex project management advisors, management tools and education services, through an independent international not-for-profit organisation. The network consists of a globally distributed federation of endorsed organisations and/or individuals with unique skills and capabilities.

The ICCPM Associate Partner Network capabilities include:

ICCPM acts as a nexus or hub for drawing together the capabilities of its Associate Partner Network of research institutions and subject matter experts, and deploying them in conjunction with a client organisation's leaders and key staff to develop and deliver customised, systemic, broad based solutions at organisational, program and project levels. ICCPM also provides the basis for organisations to engage in wider collaborations and research activities to further develop effective practical responses to the effects of complexity.


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