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Complex Project Management Services 

Our Associate Partner Network consists of thought leaders and industry experts who are able to provide advice and practical assistance to organisations managing complex projects.

ICCPM acts as a nexus or hub for drawing together the resources and capabilities of its APN and deploying them to assist organisations in developing and delivering customised, systemic, broad-based solutions at project, program and organisational levels.

ICCPM also provides the basis for organisations to engage in wider collaborations and research activities to further develop effective practical responses to the effects of complexity.

The APN Advisory Services include a network of senior global CPM practitioners with considerable experience in delivering  significant complex programs internationally. These practitioners are available to provide a range of services including analysis, mentoring and advice in support of key projects and programs or concerns.

Complex Project and Program Strategic Level Reviews

Strategic level reviews are used to assess the health and progress of projects and programs. Some projects and programs are now so complex that a different management approach is needed to break the all too common cycle of delay, cost overruns and potential failure. 

ICCPM delivers a holistic system of systems approach when conducting reviews that focuses on identifying both the first and second order project management issues that are the causes for concern. ICCPM can also recommend appropriate interventions and improvement strategies for recovery.  The reviews are designed to be conducted over a timeframe assessed as being appropriate by your organisation in conjunction with the most appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner to provide the best outcome.

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Implementation Planning for Complex Government Programs

The implementation of complex policies, projects and programs relies heavily on the establishment of the right initial conditions. One of the challenges for program leaders today is the increasing need to be equipped to deal with greater degrees of uncertainty and ambiguity and the complexity associated with implementing Government programs. 

The increase in cross portfolio and cross jurisdictional programs with increasing numbers and diversity of stakeholders; the need for more sophisticated governance arrangements to adequately address complex accountability relationships within the Westminster construct of government; the changing risk profiles based on the uncertain political or financial environment; complex communications networks including the 24/7 news cycle and social media, all point to the importance of good implementation planning.

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ICCPM provides our partners and clients with access to leading CPM technologies and tools, developed by, and in conjunction with, our partners.

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