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Risk, Opportunity and Resilience



Integrating Risk and Knowledge Management for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (592 KB)

NASA Integrated Risk and Knowledge Management Diagram (7.1 MB)

NASANASA's effort on knowledge management is based on the assumption that risks highlight potential knowledge gaps that might be mitigated through one or more knowledge management practices or artefacts. These risks serve as cues for collecting knowledge, particularly knowledge of technical or programmatic challenges that might recur.
The Final Report of the Operation Recovery Task Force - Cyclone Larry (7 MB)General Peter Cosgrove AC This report provides an overview of how the cyclone recovery was organised and what was done.
Why the Vasa sank - software project antidotes (600 KB)Richard E Fairley
Mary Jane Wilshire
In 1628, the Royal Swedish Navy launched the ship, the Vasa. After sailing only about 1,300 meters, it sank. The authors review the project's problems, including why the ship was unstable and why it was still launched. They interpret the case in terms of today's large, complex software projects and present some antidotes.
Doomed to fail?Roger HowickThe author argues that most complex major projects are doomed to fail – and that project systems alone won't and can't prevent failure.

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