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Research Roadmap

ICCPM established the International Complex Project Management Knowledge Development and Dissemination Centre (KD2) to develop research about understanding the nature of complexity in the context of modern project management (Complex Project Management – CPM). KD2 also seeks to review and integrate existing and emerging CPM knowledge and practice, and generate new CPM knowledge and practice.

ICCPM has been tasked by the International Complex Project Management Research Advisory Council to commence a project to map existing research activities and projects from around the world.

The first phase will focus on the following research themes:

  • Delivery Leadership – the ability to navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity to achieve the desired outcome

  • Collaboration – working as one team to mutually agreed goals and equitable rewards

  • Benefits Realisation – understanding and delivering through-life product value

  • Risk, Opportunity & Resilience – taking good risks, seizing emergent opportunities, and successfully responding to the unexpected

  • Culture, Communication and Relationships – maximising the effectiveness of the human asset by understanding and responding to human behavioural needs

  • Sustainability and Education – continuous learning, maintaining currency in leadership capability and knowledge transfer across generational boundaries in order to sustain through-life capability

Click here to see ICCPM Task Force report for further information on the research themes.

Invitation to Contribute

Researchers around the world over the past few decades have made progress in trying to understand complexity and managing complex projects.  Our hope is that we can connect like-minded researchers, promote the sharing of data and research findings, encourage integrated research between institutions and generally demonstrate to practitioners that research is being conducted to help develop methodologies, processes, concepts and tools focussing on dealing with complexity.

If you or your institution/partners are conducting research in the CPM sphere, please send your details and information to us so we can put you on the map. This mapping project will benefit the CPM community around the globe and will accelerate the journey towards advancements and excellence in CPM.


Contact: Deborah Hein, MD/CEO

Key Partners