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Research Agenda

Initial examinations of the nature of complexity, coupled with the development of a CPM conceptual framework, has identified a number of areas where further understanding and research may be useful.

The ICCPM Research Agenda documents these areas so as to guide, inform and prioritise research in managing complex projects, and by doing so generate maximum participation in a coordinated research effort to advance knowledge and practice. Areas identified in the Research Agenda may include knowledge streams from related disciplines or the identification of significant issues that pervade the context of modern project management.

The Reseach Agenda is published on this website and promoted throughout other forums.  It will remain an evolving document that will be reviewed regularly, based on input from our partners, practitioners and the academic community through the ICCPM Roundtable Program and Focus Groups. 

If you wish to participate in collaborative research, submit research questions or enquire further, please contact Deborah Hein, MD/CEO.

Key Partners