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Research and Innovation Strategy

The research and innovation strategy is intended to examine the nature of complexity in projects and facilitate the adoption of new and emerging knowledge and practice by individuals and organizations.

Modern projects are becoming more complex. This is not simply a matter of size, cost and duration, or of the difficulty in integrating advances in technology. More and more, projects spanning the breadth of human endeavor must negotiate diverse and emerging issues in dynamic and changing economic, social and environmental contexts. The implementation and deployment of such projects demand approaches and skills that are beyond those of traditional project management.

The International Centre for Complex Project Management was established to address these deficiencies. The research and innovation strategy in particular is intended to advance both the knowledge and practice of complex project management and accelerate the development of individual and organizational ability to manage complex projects. It will explore in greater detail the relationship between owners, practitioners, and the complex internal and external environments that must be managed. This clearly requires an extremely holistic approach. An integrated Strategic Planning Framework has been adopted by ICCPM with research and innovation as one of the three central pillars for achieving its vision and mission.

International Complex Project Management Knowledge Development and Dissemination Centre (KD2)

A foundational goal of ICCPM has been the development and dissemination of practical knowledge relating to the better management of complex projects. Establishment of the International Project Management Knowledge Development and Dissemination Centre (KD2), will consolidate existing ICCPM research activities and provide a governing organisation for expansion of ICCPM's research program by hosting broader research activities funded from a variety of government and nongovernment sources.

The aim of this federated approach is to super charge research, leading to the development of practical solutions to the problems facing organisations and individuals charged with delivering complex projects. KD2 will seek funding from both Industry and Government for its general research program and will undertake targeted research for individual organisations around specific issues.

ICCPM, as the host for KD2, will adopt and maintain best practice governance principles and ensure that utilisation and commercialisation of any developed IP will benefit its partners, industry, government and the wider CPM community.

As an independent, not-for-profit body, KD2 is in an unrivalled position to provide decision-makers in industry and government with credible, independent and customised assessments of issues of complexity in project management. Within the overarching objective to advance CPM knowledge and practice, ICCPM has identified the following strategic research aims:

  • Examine the nature of complexity in the context of modern project management;
  • Review and integrate existing and emerging CPM knowledge and practice;
  • Generate new CPM knowledge and practice

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