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Opinion Column

This is a regular series with contributions from a panel of experts discussing their personal views and opinions on complex project management, reproduced and displayed side by side for readers to compare, learn and grow in the field of complexity. 
If you wish to be involved and write a response to an upcoming question, please contact ICCPM for more information.

Do organisation leaders competing in a global environment require a unique style?

Thank you to contributors: Steve Hein, Grant Boore and Dr Jeannie Kahwajy. 

What is Complex Project Management?

The experts for the initial column are: Jeff Worley, Maree Weir, Professor Terry Williams, Simon Henley, and [name deleted on request].


What does risk look like in complex projects and how should we address it?

Thank you to our opinion column contributors: Donata Garrasi, Dr Stephen Grey, Deborah Hein, Dr Richard Barber and David Gordon.


How do you measure success or failure of a project?

Thank you to our opinion column contributors: Susanne Madsen, Boyd McCarron, Dr John Davies and Mark Phillips.

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