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2018 Highlights Reports


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2017 Presentations

  • Solving Complex Challenges: A Case Study into Complex Systems Thinking
  • IACCM Conference - Toronto
  • Managing Complexity in Technology and Defence Environment


The Conspiracy of Optimism 

Published by RUSI 2007


Taskforce report:

Complex Project Management - Global Perspectives and the Strategic Agenda to 2025


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Historical Presentations - Seminars and Knowledge Forums

Presentations from the Sixth Annual Conference - Canberra 2015

Presentations from the Fifth Annual Conference - Paris 2014

Presentations from the Fourth Annual Research & Innovation Seminar - 2013

Findings Paper from the 2012 Roundtables: Hitting a Moving Target

Presentations from the Third Annual Research & Innovation Seminar - 2012

Presentations from the Second Annual Research & Innovation Seminar - 2011

Presentations from the First Annual Research & Innovation Seminar - 2010

Knowledge Sharing Forum 2009

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