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Complex Adaptive Leadership for Managing Projects as a Response to Industry Challenges

In collaboration with Complex Adaptive Leadership Ltd. and ICCPM, Palex ran a research project to prove that enabling leadership beyond the leader in a team following the principles of Complex Adaptive Leadership (CAL), despite the organisation having defined hierarchical roles, gets better results than classical leadership or project management restricted to one leader or project manager.

Sources of Innovation for National Security

When it comes to National Security and Innovation there exists a requirement for an almost business-like approach; to develop science and technology towards a defined roadmap, where not every opportunity will be rewarded with a badge of success, but an approach that is targeted on specific outcomes.  Faced with evolving challenges such as fiscal cliffs, sequestration, global financial crisis, debt ceilings,  political and nationalistic priorities world-wide, just to name a few, we need leaders who are able and willing to change-the-game, to facilitate the creation of new systems and infrastructures that transcend and include, and are inclusive of a broad range of interests.  This is much more transformational than providing a tweak of the current system here-and-there, and involves a significant amount of stakeholder management.  This paper takes you through the challenges we see and the solutions to achieve success.

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