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March 2014 Newsletter

CEO Message

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2014 and a very exciting year ahead.

Our work in support of complex projects, research and enabling complex project management dialogue is proceeding at an increasing pace. With the good work being done by our representatives in South America, North America as well as Russia and CIS we expect to reach a much greater audience in 2014.

Our major event for 2014 will be the ICCPM 5th Annual Conference (previously ICCPM Research and Innovation Conference). This year’s event is being hosted by the French Government’s Institut Des Hautes Études De Défense Nationale (IHEDN) at L'Ecole de Militaire in Paris on 7-8 October 2014. The 2014 conference follows a very successful 2013 event hosted in London by the UK Cabinet Office. The 2013 event saw 100 invited leading practitioners from 12 countries share their experiences in delivering complex projects and programs in a diverse range of fields from defence, aerospace and rail through to large scale IT transformation.

The 2014 conference theme "Delivering Once in a Generation Transformational Capital and Non-Capital Intensive Programmes" will focus attention and reflect on the delivery of national and international critical projects. The annual International Complex Project Management Research Council meeting will be held at the same venue on 9 October.

On the research front we continue to work closely with our research partners, University of Adelaide, CSIRO, Curtin University, Queensland University of Technology, University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney on the proposal to establish a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Managing Complex Projects and Programs. We have had significant support and interest from the international and local community and, if successful, we anticipate cash investment in the CRC in the order of $50m over a seven year period.

Our complex project management professional services, particularly our independent review support for government programs, are in increasing demand. Please don’t hesitate to contact Deborah Hein if you require support or would like to discuss further options.

Gower Publishing and ICCPM are collaborating with Dr Liz Varga to publish a book on complex project management. The Handbook of Complex Delivery (working title) will be published by Gower Publishing in 2015. Thu Tran is ICCPM’s point of contact for this project.

ICCPM Annual Conference 2014

Delivering Once in a Generation Transformational Capital and Non-Capital Intensive Programmes

7-8 October 2014, Ecole Militaire, Paris, France

The conference theme “Delivering Once in a Generation Transformational Capital and Non-Capital Intensive Programmes” reflects on the delivery of national and international critical projects. Often these ‘once in a generation’ projects are highly visible, politically charged and deeply embedded in the national psyche. These span many sectors and typically involve investment/contributions from many countries. Examples include the A400M military airlift aircraft and the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System programmes in the defence and aerospace sector through to the United Kingdom’s HS2 in the transport and infrastructure sectors. Beyond these capital intensive projects we see less capital intensive programmes such as transformational programmes including health and procurement reform through to delivery of aid and capacity building in conflict affected states that are just as important to the global community. With infrastructure alone, there is a need to spend more than $57 trillion globally in infrastructure projects just to keep up with projected growth until 2030 ([1]McKinsey 2013). The challenges faced by all of these projects and programmes emphasise the need for sharing experience and lessons learned for the betterment of the global community.

Our 2014 conference will provide the opportunity for global leaders to share their challenges and experiences enabling dialogue to inform future innovation, research and methods.

Please contact Kate Hubbard for more information on this event.

[1] McKinsey Global Institute, Infrastructure productivity: How to save $1 Trillion a year, January 2013



1 April 2014:          Registrations open exclusively for Partner and Individual Members at discounted earlybird rate

1 May 2014:           Registrations open to the general public at discounted earlybird rate

30 June 2014:        Earlybird rate closes

31 August 2014:    Registrations close

7-8 October 2014:

  ICCPM Annual Conference: "Delivering Once in a Generation Transformational Capital and Non-Capital Intensive Programmes"    


Membership Survey

Thanks to all those who responded to the Membership survey, your comments are greatly appreciated.  The survey will remain open until the end of March, so there is still time to respond!

If you would like to send us any further feedback, comments or suggestions please send these to admin@iccpm.com before the closing date of 31 March 2014.

Survey results and further information on ICCPM's membership programme will be sent out in due course.

Research Roadmap

ICCPM established the International Complex Project Management Knowledge Development and Dissemination Centre (KD2) to develop research about understanding the nature of complexity in the context of modern project management (Complex Project Management – CPM). KD2 also seeks to review and integrate existing and emerging CPM knowledge and practice, and generate new CPM knowledge and practice.

ICCPM has been tasked by the International Complex Project Management Research Advisory Council to commence a project to map existing research activities and projects from around the world.

The first phase will focus on the following research themes:

  • Delivery Leadership – the ability to navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity to achieve the desired outcome

  • Collaboration – working as one team to mutually agreed goals and equitable rewards

  • Benefits Realisation – understanding and delivering through-life product value

  • Risk, Opportunity & Resilience – taking good risks, seizing emergent opportunities, and successfully responding to the unexpected

  • Culture, Communication and Relationships – maximising the effectiveness of the human asset by understanding and responding to human behavioural needs

  • Sustainability and Education – continuous learning, maintaining currency in leadership capability and knowledge transfer across generational boundaries in order to sustain through-life capability

Invitation to Contribute

Researchers around the world over the past few decades have made progress in trying to understand complexity and managing complex projects.  Our hope is that we can connect like-minded researchers, promote the sharing of data and research findings, encourage integrated research between institutions and generally demonstrate to practitioners that research is being conducted to help develop methodologies, processes, concepts and tools focussing on dealing with complexity.

If you or your institution/partners are conducting research in the CPM sphere, please send your details and information to us so we can put you on the map. This mapping project will benefit the CPM community around the globe and will accelerate the journey towards advancements and excellence in CPM.

Contact: Deb Hein, Deputy CEO or Thu Tran, Research Administration Officer

LinkedIn Discussion Group

ICCPM has reinvigorated the LinkedIn ICCPM Complex Project Management Discussion Group with a weekly thought piece to generate discussion and discourse.

Recent discussions have covered:

  • Benefits Realisation
  • Risk
  • Over-Optimism in government projects

If you are an employee of one of ICCPM's Partners (see here for the list) or an Individual member and would like to be a part of this discussion please send a LinkedIn request to join or contact admin@iccpm.com for more information.

Welcome to New Associate Partners

ICCPM is very pleased to welcome Dr Erin Evans and Paul Goodge to the Associate Partner Network.  

Dr Erin Evans

Erin is a full-time consultant and part time academic applying systems methods and a range of complexity management tools to analysing problems and designing solutions for clients. Additionally, she works as a non-Executive Director on a number of Boards. Erin delivers focussed programs in the Executive Masters of Complex Project Management at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Graduate Business School and Corporate Education programs. She has worked in Australia and Europe on international projects within the pharmaceutical-biotechnology, financial services industries and international development.  Erin is based in Queensland.


Paul Goodge

Paul is a senior programme management professional with internationally recognised experience and capability. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, supply chain and change management. Paul is a specialist in implementing and delivering capability improvement programmes at enterprise level and successful turn-arounds for complex, critical programmes with the ability to manage major business challenges in international, political environments.  Paul is based in the UK.

Systems Thinking and Complex Project Management Courses

A course in Systems Thinking and Complex Project Management was successfully delivered by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane recently. Here is some feedback from the participants and facilitators:

  • The room had a positive feeling and lots of strong engagement throughout with many questions and discussions.
  • There was a good mix of participants in the room and it appeared that all came with an open mind and keenness to learn.
  • Most valuable were the opportunities for guided practical application of the techniques and methodologies via a case study.
  • Recommend the course to those with a high level of project experience.


Further courses are planned for 2014 as follows:


  • 10 - 12  June
  • 22 - 24 September


  • 16 - 18 July
  • 29 - 31 October

More information is available here http://www.iccpm.com/content/education-services

Sign up now to take advantage of discounted earlybird rates!

If you are interested in a corporate course for your organisation or a course in other location, please contact us to discuss.

Cooperative Research Centre Update

Based on the outcomes of the industry consultation workshops, three research programs are now proposed for the CRC-MCPP.

People: This program will focus on the challenges on integration and alignment of teams of teams’ performance and leading and managing complex projects and programs.

Lifecycle: This program will focus on the challenges around project scoping and critical assumption testing, benefits realisation, accountability and innovations and complex contracting and procurement.

Decisions: This program will focus on the challenges of contextualised and tailored knowledge capture, access and dissemination; and optimising governance, decision making and risk management for customers and suppliers.

An impact modelling exercise will be carried out in order to determine potential impacts and Return on Investment (ROI) for parties involved.

The focus of the bid consortium at this time is to obtain a group of participants from industry and government who share the goals and aspirations for the CRC and can work actively together to prepare an application. If you would like more information on how your organisations can benefit by participating in the CRC MCPP please contact:

Stephen Hayes, CEO, CRC-MCPP, ceo@iccpm.com or +61 2 5120 5110

Greg Spinks, Director Strategy & Bid Development, CRC-MCPP, gregspinks@consultingis.com.au or +61 3 9081 0413


1 December 2013 - 15 April 2014: Contact us to register your interest in participating

1 February - 30 April 2014:            Seek internal approval from your organisation to participate in the CRC-MCPP

1 May - 31 May 2014:                    Submit signed declaration forms to confirm your organisations participation in the CRC-MCPP


Recommended Reading

Bridging the Risk Gap: The Failure of Risk Management in Information Systems Projects [Research Technology Management] TMCnet.com

This article throws up interesting issues regarding risk management in NPD (New Product Development) projects and is well worth a read.  The key points are the discussion regarding Project Managers focussing on risk managing those issues that they are familiar and therefore comfortable with, and secondly the view that standard risk management practices are no longer sufficient to meet the need.

Five Practices of Positive Impact Leaders  Positive Psychology News Daily

An interesting perspective on positive leadership.

Being right doesn't count Socia.co.uk

This article helps exemplify why we need to be cautious about slavishly following process in complex environments and the importance above all else to manage project relationships.

Over-optimism in government projects UK National Audit Office

This report looks at a particularly persistent risk management problem – the difficulties caused for government projects by unrealistic expectations and over-optimism. 

If you have any suggestions for interesting articles to share, please send us the links!  

Systems Lifecycle Cost-Effectiveness

Systems Lifecycle Cost-Effectiveness – The Commercial, Design and Human Factors of Systems Engineering

Author: Massimo Pica

The Foreward provided by Arthur Griffiths, Past Chairman of the Society for Cost Analysis and Forecasting adequately wraps up the value of this piece of work when he says “ I am delighted to see a book that combines and addresses the issues of systems engineering, cost analysis and economics. The book not only provides an understanding of the basic concepts of system engineering and life cycle costs but leads on with worked examples of practical applications and knowledge transfer”. The title and some of the early narrative in the book led me to believe that at some stage there would be some discussion and advice regarding how you might, or even should you try, to quantify and therefore cost the individual human behaviours as a part of the system. Alas the reference to human factors in this work is limited to Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Human Factors as a direct application of ergonomics.  The work does discuss consideration of various perspectives and individual users requirements which is helpful. As a guide to life-cycle costing from a purely Systems Engineering perspective it is certainly a resource to add to a Systems Engineers library.

PM Global Project Governance & Controls Symposium

ICCPM is pleased to support the PMGlobal Project Governance & Controls Symposium being held in Canberra 6-7 May 2014.
CEO, Stephen Hayes will be delivering a keynote and we will have a table at the trade exhibition - come and see us!








Colin Thorne to Deliver the Opening Address

PMGlobal are pleased to announce the Opening Keynote Address for the 2014 Symposium, Mr. Colin Thorne - General Manager Land and Maritime of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). Colin will join the exciting line up of international and local experts focusing on the disciplines of project management, project control and program, portfolio and project governance.

With his extensive experience in major acquisition programs and as a senior executive manager in “Australia’s largest project management and engineering services organization” Colin is well placed to provide provide the DMO perspective on the requirements for effective Governance and Control mechanisms for large scale capital acquisition programs. His address is also a unique opportunity to ask questions on the likely future directions for DMO. 

Col Thorne has decades of Defence and project management experience having joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1981 as an Engineer Cadet. He was the Director General of Aerospace Maritime and Surveillance Systems and prior to this, the Officer Commanding Maritime Patrol Systems Program Office.

In December 2008, holding the rank of Air Vice-Marshal, he was appointed as the DMO’s Head of Aerospace Systems, where he was responsible for the acquisition and through-life support of aerospace systems for the Australian Defence Force.

In September 2013, Col Thorne was appointed as the DMO’s General Manager of Land and Maritime. In this role, he oversees Land, Maritime and Explosive Ordnance Systems, the Air Warfare Destroyer Program and Australian Shipbuilding Industry Planning.

Find out more about all the Conference Keynotes here

Track Submissions

Based on feedback received and to allow adequate time for interested international academics to arrange their calendars and travel plans to participate in this part of the program, it has been decided to defer the start of this track to the 2015 Symposium.

The Organising Committee are still welcoming submissions for a small number of remaining positions still available for the Industry Stream of the 2014 Symposium.

To be part of the program and share knowledge of the practical aspects in the field of Project, Program and Portfolio Governance and Control, be sure to read the submission guidelines or email Pat Weaver (Industry Presentation Stream Organiser) at patw@mosaicprojects.com.au for more information. 

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