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June 2014 Newsletter


Welcome to the June edition of Connect.  There is a lot to get through in this edition, including farewells, welcomes, conference and course reminders and updates on new and exciting projects.

In early June Stephen Hayes, MD/CEO of ICCPM for the past seven years tendered his resignation.  Stephen has worked tirelessly establishing ICCPM as the global peak body for CPM over the past seven years and will be sorely missed.  His role is taken up by Deborah Hein as Acting CEO for the next few months until a permanent replacement is appointed by the Board.  Deborah has been with ICCPM for almost 2 years, initially as Director Business Development and then as Deputy CEO. 

Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role and under her leadership we will be spending the coming months reflecting on where we have been and determining where we need to head into the future with a particular focus on delivering value to our partners and members.  

Secondly, ICCPM bids a fond farewell to Thu Tran, Research Administrator and CRC Coordinator for the past few years.  Thu has been involved with ICCPM since 2010 and was heavily involved in the coordination and development of the CRC bid along with providing invaluable research assistance.

Thirdly, as part of the Federal Government's budget in May of this year the cancellation of the 18th round of the Cooperative Research Centre Program was announced.  This is unfortunate and disappointing given the time, effort and commitment of all the participants in the CRC-MCPP over the past two and half years.  ICCPM remains committed to supporting the research agenda developed by the CRC bid team as research is a core function and benefit to the CPM community. The recent advice from the CRC Association provides a positive view of the potential for a submission some time in the future.  ICCPM remains committed to the projects and programs developed as part of our CRC bid development.  We will continue to work closely with our academic partners to identify projects that can be delivered with the support of our industry partners in other forms such as through the ARC Linkage Grant program or through other funding mechanisms.  If you have a specific project that you would like to support and progress please do not hesitate to let the A/CEO know and we will endeavour to see it delivered.

Welcome from the Acting CEO

Hello, for those of you that don't know me yet, rest assured it's only a matter of time! It was not only a surprise but also a great honour for me to be asked and to take on the role of Acting CEO ICCPM when approached by the Board after Stephen Hayes' resignation.

I have been with the organisation for almost two years in a number of roles, and have been an advocate of the philosophy and purpose of ICCPM since graduating from the very first Executive Masters in Complex Project Managment in 2008-09.

The work that Stephen and his various teams including Grant Boore, Jo Spencer, Christine Levers, Brett Ackroyd,  Steve Hein, Fred Payne, the Associate Partners in the network and the multitude of advisors have done since the beginning has been excellent in growing the brand into a credible and recognisable entity that has a special place in the Complex Project Management community.  

My aim now is to consolidate that excellent foundational work and build a sustainable model of value generation and partner/member benefit. We will do that by focusing on doing the right things and doing them very well including leveraging off of the fantastic relationships we have with some of the best CPM practitioners and educators available around the world. Our team is small but dedicated and determined, and that is more than I could ask for.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at admin@iccpm.com if you have anything that you would like to share.  I look forward to the challenge of this role and I firmly believe that with your help and support we will continue to grow ICCPM.

Farewell to Stephen Hayes

After many years of dedicated service and significant personal sacrifice our Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Hayes MBE, has tendered his resignation.

ICCPM is extremely thankful to Stephen for his seven years of tireless hard work in the pursuit of ICCPM’s goals and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Stephen was the inaugural CEO of ICCPM and his entrepreneurial skills were second to none in quickly establishing global relationships and recognition of ICCPM as the peak global body for Complex Project Management. 

Stephen remains a strong supporter of ICCPM and will continue to maintain connectivity with the organisation and all our supporters into the future.

We wish Stephen well in his next challenge.

We have included some comments below received since the announcement of Stephen’s resignation:

I wanted to particularly thank Stephen.  I have had the pleasure of working closely with him for the past two years nearly and I can only marvel at his energy, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit through what at times have been very difficult periods. He also brought much needed calmness and maturity in decision making throughout the process. Having been involved in 18 CRC’s now, I know all too well how rare it is to have someone of his calibre and with his breadth of skills to lead such a difficult and large undertaking.  (Greg Spinks, CIS, CRC Bid Team)

I have been working with Steve over the last 18 months on the CRC MCPP bid and share his deep disappointment that the CRC round was cancelled. During the CRC bid Stephen demonstrated exemplary leadership in working with both industry and academics alike.  He was always available and when required made the hard decisions.  I personally found his approach to be effective and inspiring; and just the right mix to get a CRC bid over the line.  (Tim Walton, Curtin University, CRC Bid Team)

ARPI (Australian Risk Policy Institute) wishes to acknowledge Stephen's great work in proposing and achieving a partnership between ARPI and ICCPM which we believe will provide enormous benefit to the world of complex project management through our Risk Policy Model.  We wish Stephen all the best for the future. (Tony Charge, President, ARPI)

Several years ago while running the US Army's re-capitalization program I noticed a meeting on my calendar with a group of Australians. At first I was a little puzzled because the program was a US oriented effort and I could not figure out why a group of Australians wanted to meet with me. As it turned out the group was a collection of people wanting establish an organization for the purpose of examining and propagating complex project management. During that first meeting I was introduced to Stephen as a member of the group representing the DMO. During this first meeting I decided to bring myself and Boeing into this new venture and there began my relationship with Stephen. As an original fellow and board member I watched Stephen blossom into a outstanding executive. Stephen was able to take a very high level vision and turn it into an organization dedicated to the advancement of managing complex programs and projects. From virtually nothing he built the organization we know today. His skills and leadership brought together a group of industry and government organizations to form what we now know as ICCPM. His interpersonal skills and business acumen resulted in a group of sponsors which funded the original organization and allowed it to grow into an international resource and ultimately a stand alone self funded non-profit dedicated to the development of complex project management skills and research. Through Stephen's leadership ICCPM is now known as a world leader in program management and is recognized as one of the top resources for input into the very large and complex programs. This reputation did not come easy or quickly. It was with relentless effort and sticking to the original core principles that Stephen was able to elevate the organizations stature. For that we all owe Stephen a great deal of gratitude. Having been involved from the start I know this journey was fraught with many issues and set backs but Stephen's never give up attitude prevailed.

So it is with some sadness we see Stephen move on to new adventures and career opportunities but very happy that he has been part of our professional lives. Stephen, you will always be known as the person who created this important organization and the person who put ICCPM on the map.

Thank you for all you have done!!!! (Jeff Worley, Worley Consultants, LLC, Jeffery Regan Worley – Manager)

For over 10 years we recognise the significant contribution by Stephen Hayes to the establishment and recognition of ICCPM as a leading international body in complex project management.  In working groups that pre dated the formation of ICCPM, we worked with Stephen who was a driver and contributor to the development of the early Complex Project Management Competency Standards.  Building on these early working groups, Stephen’s persistence and drive brought together the initial partners to form the ICCPM in 2007.  From these initial beginnings, Stephen’s energy and passion for Complex Project Management has engaged a truly international community of Government, Industry and Academia that have, and continue to make major contributions to the global delivery of large and challenging projects.  Through the research, training and roundtables, Stephen’s leadership has seen ICCPM obtain recognition as a thought leader that influences the way in which global programs are delivered. (BAE SYSTEMS)

What a tremendous job Steve did establishing and raising the profile of ICCPM over those 7 years as CEO. Nobody else could have worked so hard and effectively. For that, all those with an interest in improving the success rate of complex projects, and learning how that can be achieved, are in his debt. Fantastic company as well. After a few drinks, he could convince even me that he knew what complexity theory was about. Cheers, Mike. (Dr Mike C Jackson OBE, Professor Emeritus, University of Hull, Editor, Systems Research and Behavioral Science)

Steve, It was with much regret that I saw the note that you had resigned from ICCPM.  Your energy, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial leadership has established a wonderful international vehicle that can now be sustained.  Thanks also for your willingness to discuss and navigate the complexity of projects (and international business relationships!) (David Gordon, ASC)

Stephen Hayes dreamed the impossible dream and made it real. He helped launch a new organization from whole cloth and propelled an emerging domain to the fore of the discipline. While the edges were still fuzzy, he embraced the benefits of collaborative action and forged ahead growing a global coalition of interested parties. Thank you, Stephen. You will be missed. But I have no doubt we will see you in the successful realization of other ambitious dreams benefiting the global community.  (Mark Phillips, Reinventing Communication)

Stephen Hayes worked tirelessly to help the project management profession understand and come to grips with ideas that, at the time, were cutting edge, even outrageous. Promoting new ideas is risky business. Stephen had the foresight and the courage to recognise the need for change, and then to take new ideas and run with them. His support for writers and researchers who are trying to push the boundaries of knowledge has been outstanding. Thank you Stephen and I wish you the very best for a brilliant future. (Dr. Kaye Remington)


Farewell to Thu Tran

ICCPM also bids a fond farewell to Thu Tran, Research Administrator and CRC Coordinator for the past few years.  Thu has been involved with ICCPM since 2010 and was heavily involved in the coordination and development of the CRC bid along with providing invaluable research assistance.  Thu's experience managing grant funded projects in international non-governmental organisations and the United Nations were of great use in coordinating the various parties involved in both KD2 and the CRC Bid Development team.

We wish Thu all the best in her future endeavours.


Conference earlybird special closing soon!

Register now to take advantage of the earlybird rate of €450 for members and €850 for non-members.

7-8 October 2014, Ecole Militaire, Paris France


The programme is starting to take shape and we have a number of exciting international speakers lined up including:

  • Jason Harfield, Airservices Australia, Australia
  • Patrick Bellouard, Former Director OCCAR-EA, France
  • Alistair Dormer, Hitachi Rail Europe, United Kingdom
  • Thierry Francq, Prime Minister's Office, France


Click here to register or contact Kate for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there!  


Systems Thinking & Complex Project Management

Enrol now for discounts on the September (Canberra) or October (Brisbane) Systems Thinking courses!


What are the dates?

Canberra: 22-24 September 2014

Brisbane: 29 - 31 October 2014

Who is the course for?

This is a 3 day fully catered course is designed to introduce organisational leaders and core enabling staff to the concepts of complex project management and systems thinking. The course is not only suitable for experienced and aspiring program delivery leaders, but also for staff of complex projects and leaders of enabling functions who contribute to the success of complex projects. The course will benefit senior and aspiring projects managers, key project management staff, commercial managers, supply chain managers, portfolio managers and key advisors, independent of sector or program type.

What will I get out of it?

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Make sense of complex problems using soft systems methodology
  • Challenge project/problem boundaries and 'taken for granted' assumptions using critical systems heuristics
  • Use the viable system model
  • Understand organisational strategy and strategic alignment
  • Implement a complex program
  • 10 AIPM CPD points 
  • Attendance certificate

How do I enrol?

Click here to enrol in the September course in Canberra

or here to enrol in the October course in Brisbane

Education Development Strategy

As part of ICCPM's renewed focus on education, we are developing a suite of courses that will be suitable for both corporate and public intakes.  These courses will complement the existing Systems Thinking and Complex Project Management courses, currently delivered by QUT for ICCPM, and provide a pathway into other courses and learning around complexity.  Our strategy proposes that the ICCPM suite of courses be developed to comply with and fit within the Australian Qualifications Framework as a Level 4 offering so that participants will receive a Certificate IV at the completion of all modules of the program.  The AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian Education and Training. It incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national framework.  

The education delivery concept is developed around a ‘One Day’ CORE course that provides the conceptual grounding to all other courses and is the only prerequisite that must be completed before attendance on other courses in the suite.  Each course (other than the CORE) will include as the first session an overview and refresh on the concepts covered in the CORE course.  The diagram below represents the suite of courses with the Core course as the hub or central theme.

The courses have been mapped against the Complex Project Manager Competency Standards version 4.1 (August 2012) to ensure that we build the capability of the project management community to operate in complex environments. It should be stressed however that like the EMCPM program our offering is not only for those operating in the Project Management functional space, it is also important and relevant for anyone operating in any and all environments where complexity is an issue (i.e. business environments, government environments etc.)

We will be seeking to become a Registered Training Organisation to enable a qualification to be awarded.  We will keep you updated on the development timeline and hope to see you registered on this program.

Make sure you have the latest intelligence:

Ensure you’re equipped to tackle complex business challenges in the private sector and in the business of government, with an Executive MBA from Queensland University of Technology – one of the Australian Financial Review’s highest ranked EMBAs, available in Canberra (Oct 2014 intake) and Brisbane (Jan 2015 intake).   

Managers today face a complex world with ever-increasing global, social, financial and environmental pressures; issues can be ambiguous, emergent and have an intertwined array of stakeholders. QUT has an impressive track record in delivering real-world solutions for organisations facing increasingly complex issues. The EMBA program tackles complexity with a systems-thinking approach, enriching your capability to challenge conventions and to ultimately become a decisive and effective leader in today’s interconnected world. Highly experienced facilitators will provide a global perspective and along with a host of guest speakers will add new dimensions to your learning experience. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your development with a professional leadership coach in the knowledge that ultimate accountability will often rest with you.

QUT’s Executive MBA is designed to take experienced managers to new levels as highly skilled leaders and offers three concentrations including Complex Program Leadership, Strategic Procurement and International Leadership.

Discover more at www.qut.edu.au/emba or contact Collin Smith in Canberra on (07)3138 6999 collin.smith@qut.edu.au for more details about the EMBA information evening planned for the 27th August 2014, or Peter Hollands in Brisbane on (07) 3138 6874 p.hollands@qut.edu.au for information about the Brisbane information evening.

Polarity Management Workshops

Taming Wicked Problems

Turn conflict into high performance with Polarity Thinking

Today's complex and rapidly changing program management environments are fraught with ongoing tensions, "wicked problems" or dilemmas that continually result in sub-optimal performance and conflict. 

Opinions abound - and arguments frequently arise - over whether to focus on: 

  • Managing risk or Reducing the probability
  • Tactical (short term) view or Strategic (long-term) view
  • Getting results or Building relationships
  • Supply chain management or Strategic sourcing
  • Competition or Collaboration
  • Centralised control or Local control
  • Maintaining stability or initiating change

Rather than being "either/or" problems to solve, these are "polarities" to manage: interdependent pairs of ideas that need each other over time to realize and sustain high performance.

Abby Straus will present three one day hands-on workshops in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne, where participants will learn how to identify and map polarities and develop strategies - including action steps for leveraging the benefits of both poles and early warning signs to identify and correct an over-focus on one pole - to improve performance and track it over time.

Polarity Thinking is a reliable framework that allows us to take a “both/and” perspective and leverage the best of both points of view to:

  • Reduce conflict and risk
  • Address “unsolvable problems”
  • Build trust and engagement
  • Align people to achieve common goals
  • Design and take action for short and long term success


For more information or to register, click here.

Canberra Workshop - Tuesday 29 July

Brisbane Workshop - Wednesday 30 July

Melbourne Workshop - Thursday 31 July

New Partners

ICCPM would also like to welcome three new partners:  Victoria Police as a National partner, Malik Management as an International partner and Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI) as an Alliance partner.

Victoria Police

Victoria Police is the primary law enforcement agency of Victoria, Australia. It was formed in 1853 and employs over 16,000 people across the State, providing policing services to the Victorian community. ICCPM looks forward to working with Victoria Police to support the management of its complex projects and transformative programmes.

Malik Management

Malik is the world’s leading company for holistic general management, leadership and gover­nance solutions.  ICCPM looks forward to working with Malik Management to improve delivery of complex projects and to utilise their software to encourage consideration of complex project management techniques and strengthen the project management profession.

Australian Risk Policy Institute

ICCPM and the Australian Risk Policy Insitute signed an Alliance agreement to work together to improve the delivery of complex projects and programmes, share risk policy knowledge and understanding, share management consulting tools and products, support collaboration on complex project management, conduct research and development into risk policy and its application and promote risk policy development and implementation in the public interest. 

New Associate Partners

ICCPM's Associate Partner network has expanded with the signing of six new Associate Partners, all of whom bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to ICCPM.  If you would like to know more about the Associate Partner network or how it could assist you, please contact Deborah Hein (d.hein@iccpm.com / + 61 2 6120 5110)


CI Solutions

CI Solutions delivers and embeds Continuous Improvement capability into government and industry. Their key focus is empowering organisations in CI and driving business benefits realisation. As a capability partner CI Solutions work collaboratively to refine CI strategies, governance, educate people, independently facilitate reform activities and support project and change management initiatives. Active listening and focusing on the Voice of Customer and Voice of Business are cornerstones of a successful CI framework.

Josamila Pty Ltd

Jim McDowell is currently Deputy Chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.  He brings many years of top level experience in BAE Systems to ICCPM as an Associate Partner.  This experience includes complex contracting, supply chain management, training and development.  Under his leadership BAE Systems became the largest defence firm in Australia with offices in every state and territory.  Jim has a passionate interest in continuing education and was Chairman of the Australian Apprenticeships for the 21st Century Panel, presenting their report to the Minister for Education in 2011.

JPH Services Trust

John Harvey is an experienced, highly qualified manager with over 20 years experience in senior management and with an extensive background in project management, major acquisition projects, strategic management of organisational units, and stakeholder management.  

Systems Wisdom LLC

Systems Wisdom are a global process-focused boutique consulting, research and executive education enterprise.  Their core competencies are in addressing complexity, business model innovation and intractable problems.

Tarcus Pty Ltd

Tarcus Pty Ltd is a Canberra based consulting firm which provides program, project and change management, strategy development and program planning, business analysis, modelling and business case development, quality assurance and program review, risk and issue management, service design and delivery and governance. Its principal, Tarquin Ralph, has over 25 years consulting to Federal Governments in Australia, New Zealand and the US as both a Partner in two of the larger firms and then as Principal of Tarcus Pty Ltd.

Worley Consultants LLC

Jeffery Worley is a high end executive consultant. He retired from The Boeing Company in 2012 as Executive Vice President of Boeing Defense, Space and Security, a $36B/year business, after 36 years of service for both Rockwell International and The Boeing Company. In his role prior to retirement he had responsibility for day-to-day business execution, growth and productivity initiatives. In collaboration with each business unit, Worley focused on business unit execution, merger and acquisition strategy, global business initiatives and key growth campaigns including market based affordability, non-advocate reviews, leadership development, talent and knowledge management, business analysis and productivity initiatives.

Research Roadmap

ICCPM established the International Complex Project Management Knowledge Development and Dissemination Centre (KD2) to develop research about understanding the nature of complexity in the context of modern project management (Complex Project Management – CPM). KD2 also seeks to review and integrate existing and emerging CPM knowledge and practice, and generate new CPM knowledge and practice.

ICCPM has been tasked by the International Complex Project Management Research Advisory Council to commence a project to map existing research activities and projects from around the world.

The first phase will focus on the following research themes:

  • Delivery Leadership – the ability to navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity to achieve the desired outcome

  • Collaboration – working as one team to mutually agreed goals and equitable rewards

  • Benefits Realisation – understanding and delivering through-life product value

  • Risk, Opportunity & Resilience – taking good risks, seizing emergent opportunities, and successfully responding to the unexpected

  • Culture, Communication and Relationships – maximising the effectiveness of the human asset by understanding and responding to human behavioural needs

  • Sustainability and Education – continuous learning, maintaining currency in leadership capability and knowledge transfer across generational boundaries in order to sustain through-life capability

Invitation to Contribute

Researchers around the world over the past few decades have made progress in trying to understand complexity and managing complex projects.  Our hope is that we can connect like-minded researchers, promote the sharing of data and research findings, encourage integrated research between institutions and generally demonstrate to practitioners that research is being conducted to help develop methodologies, processes, concepts and tools focussing on dealing with complexity.

If you or your institution/partners are conducting research in the CPM sphere, please send your details and information to us so we can put you on the map. This mapping project will benefit the CPM community around the globe and will accelerate the journey towards advancements and excellence in CPM.

Contact: Deb Hein, Acting CEO

Upcoming Events

IACCM Annual Australasia Forum 2014
Driving Efficiencies and Value through Contract Management

22 - 24 July 2014, National Australia Bank, Melbourne, Australia 


John Davies (Parallax Project Management), Jason Brown and Peter Quinton (Australian Risk Policy Institute) are representing ICCPM at this conference.  John is presenting in Contracting for Success in Complex Projects.  Peter Quinton will be moderating a panel on Taking a Holistic Approach to Risk Management with Jason Brown as a panellist.


Defence + Industry Conference 2014

Adelaide Convention Centre 28 - 30 July 2014



ICCPM Annual Conference

Delivering Once in a Generation Transformational Capital and Non-Capital Intensive Programmes

7 - 8 October 2014, Ecole Militaire, Paris, France


Fireside Chat Reflections

On the evening of 14 May in the comfort of the QUT Executive Education facility in Canberra around 50 attendees were treated to the stories and experiences of Jeff Worley, Harry Bradford and Jason Harfield.  The three speakers volunteered to share their thoughts and experiences of working over many decades (collectively) on projects, programs and in business transformations that ended up being successful.  They all without question attributed their personal success and the success of programs they had worked on to the skills, experience and passion of the people who worked for them.  During the conversation they all made inspiring links back to their individual and very personal transformations.

It was by all account a very successful evening and we look forward to holding more events like this for our members in the future.

Comment deleted on request

From left: Harry Bradford, Jeff Worley, Jason Harfield and Kim Gillis.


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