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Issue 6: June 2012

CEO Welcome Message

In 2011 when we were finalising our international task force report "Complex Project Management - Global Perspectives and the Strategic Agenda to 2025", the task force members supported two significant investments. As mentioned in the last newsletter, these were the establishment of the International Complex Project Management Knowledge Development and Dissemination Centre (KD2), and the establishment of ICCPM's Associate Partner Network (APN). Activity is steadily increasing for both KD2 and the APN. I am particularly pleased with the support for KD2 research activities and in addition to the international literature review and analysis of existing CPM and complexity research, a number of other research projects have been added to the agenda. These include development of a complexity assessment tool and development of new project measures of success. Special thanks go to Michael Cavanagh, Sue Pritchard, the UK National Audit Office, the Institute for Strategy and Complexity Management, and the Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics  for their support on these projects.

To provide ongoing advice regarding the future content and priority of the KD2 CPM research agenda, ICCPM is establishing the International CPM Research Council. The Research Council will consist of representatives from ICCPM Partner organisations and other selected individuals. The inaugural meeting of the Research Council will be held in conjunction with ICCPM's annual Research and Innovation Seminar.

Our annual Research and Innovation Seminar is once again being hosted by Skema University in Lille, France from 22-23 August 2012. Many thanks go to Professor Rodney Turner and his team for their support. The theme for 2012 is "Complexity in a Time of Global Financial Change: Program Delivery for the New Economy". Once again the conference has a terrific line-up of speakers and I am delighted that NASA's Ed Hoffman has agreed to be our keynote speaker.

The 2012's 'invitation only' Roundtable series, "Complexity in a Time of Global Financial Change – Program Delivery for the New Economy", continues with the next event to be held on 24 August 2012. The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lille immediately following our Research and Innovation seminar. The final two events in the UK and USA will be held in November. The UK Cabinet Office is supporting the UK event and the Hon Katrina McFarland has agreed to open the North American event.

A number of our partner organisations were recently represented at the Annual International Defense Education and Acquisition Arrangement (IDEAA) event hosted by Institute of Higher National Defence Studies, (IDEHN) at L'Ecole de Militaire in Paris.  The multinational event provided an important opportunity for the defence community to share and exchange ideas around acquisition and education.

In our last newsletter we introduced our new President of ICCPM North America, Mr Fred Payne. Fred is already providing an important interface with our US and Canadian partners. For our friends in North America, please feel free to contact Fred at

I recently delivered a keynote address at a project management conference and a CPM Master Class in Moscow. The events were hosted by Russia's National Research University - Higher School of Economics (HSE) and I was very impressed with the level and quality of investment the school has made in project management education. Professor Valery Anshin and Oxana Klimenko were wonderful hosts and I look forward to further developing the relationship between ICCPM and the HSE. During my visit I had a number of side meetings with government and industry and there is a high level of interest in ICCPM providing support in Russia. ICCPM is consequently working on establishing formal representation in Russia and I expect we will be in a position to formally announce these arrangements in the next newsletter.

I hope to catch up with many of you at one of our events before the end of 2012.

Stephen Hayes

ICCPM North America Update

With two months of formal operations underway, ICCPM North America is emerging as an entity representative of the community it represents and to which it delivers services.  Many in the community are North American-based private global organization and government public entities.  Therefore, there is an initial strategic focus of supplementing our Associate Partner Network in the region to provide more breadth and availability without diminishing our already excellent global service provision.  This brings significant and rapid support to both our Strategic Partners and Clients.

ICCPM North America is currently in discussions with North American universities seeking to establish a virtual network of expertise and global leadership in CPM teaching and research seeded with the ICCPM supported Queensland University of Technology's Executive Master's in Complex Project Management degree.

ICCPM North America is currently applying for research grants from the US Government in the area of acquisition management and has employed our research network from around the globe to bring the best potential CPM solutions to our strategic customer.

As "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer" in leading the ICCPM North America enterprise forward, I am reconnecting with all of our Strategic Partners to ensure best-value continues to be achieved and enhanced.  I hope to achieve connecting with all Strategic Partners prior to the ICCPM Roundtable in the 4th Quarter 2012, which will focus on "Complexity in a Time of Financial Change:  Program Delivery for the New Economy". The purpose of ICCPM's roundtable discussion is to bring the collective wisdom of the participants to bear on the topic, with the principal outcome being the clear definition of further action required.  The global 2012 Roundtable series focuses on the impact that upheavals in the global economy will have on the complex projects and programs.

Fred Payne
President, ICCPM North America

Partner Update

ICCPM is in the process of signing up some new partners. We will publish profiles in the next newsletter.

ICCPM is now on Twitter

ICCPM is pleased to announce that we now have a Twitter account! We hope to use Twitter to keep everyone updated on our activities – 2012 is already a big year for us, and connectivity has never been so important. To that end, it would be great if, if you have twitter accounts yourselves, you could follow ICCPM. We'll also follow you, and it should be a great way to stay abreast of each other's activities and interact online. You can find ICCPM's twitter profile here!

Education Update

ICCPM, in conjunction with QUT will deliver two public Foundation courses in Systems Thinking and Complex Project Management to be held in Australia in 2012. The first will be held in Canberra in September and the second, in Brisbane in November. Additionally, ICCPM is exploring the possibility of providing a public course in conjunction with the Defence Acquisition University in Washington in the last quarter of 2012. More information and registration details on all public courses are available on the ICCPM website.
ICCPM has secured agreements to deliver Foundation courses for corporate clients and partners in Australia, UK, Canada, Europe and India over the next six months. ICCPM continues to investigate opportunities for deployment of the Executive Masters course internationally and deploying other Foundation units as they are developed.

CPM Digital Library: Bridging the Research to Practice Gap

ICCPM is pioneering a Digital Library (DL) on Complex Project Management (CPM) with the support of Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  The fundamental purpose of CPM research is to help Project Managers solve complex problems.  Conventional research databases are designed for researchers, not practitioners.  And so, there is a gap with being able to provide the Project Manager with a research tool for their needs.

Dr. Roxanne Zolin, School of Management, QUT, is leading a feasibility study for ICCPM to recommend how to structure a DL for Project Managers engaged in complex projects.Dr Roxanne ZolinA DL can be considered as a warehouse of knowledge with extremely quick and efficient item search, retrieval and display facilities.  Advanced search facilities are provided through customized search engines with the use of metadata to connect relevant information.

The DL-CPM (digital library for complex project management) will be different from academic libraries because researchers Dr. Zolin and Richard Egelstaff, from Central Queensland University (CQU), will first ask practitioners of CPM what information they need and how they would like to search for it. This will help the DL developers to identify search terms that are meaningful for practitioners, such as "How do I use management research?" or "How do I deal with labour shortages?" instead of academic terms like "absorptive capacity", or "LMX".  Consequentially the articles will be connected to the search terms through metadata relating to the interests of the CPM practitioners.

Over the next month Roxanne and Richard hope to interview more than 20 managers of complex projects to find the answers to some of these questions and provide the initial input for the DL-CPM metadata.Richard Egelstaff
The development of the DL-CPM is part of a project spearheaded by ICCPM to gain funding for the Collaborative Research Centre for Complex Project Management and Complexity Theory.

Dr. Zolin is an Associate Professor at QUT, where she wrote the curriculum for numerous units in QUT's Executive Masters in Business (Complex Project Management).

Richard Egelstaff is a Senior Lecturer at CQU and as the Head of the CQU Project Management Program, designed and developed new Postgraduate Project Management courses focused on meeting the needs of infrastructure and resources industries in Central Queensland.

If you are interested in participating in the DL-CPM please contact Dr Roxanne Zolin 0433 400 113.

Dr Roxanne Zolin
Associate Professor, QUT

Research Update

The Knowledge Development and Dissemination Centre (KD2) has initiated another research project to develop a threshold complexity assessment tool (termed CAT) for use in organisations to identify the nature of complexity facing programs and projects. The research project is being led by Rev Michael Cavanagh and ICCPM will be seeking partner input shortly. ICCPM and its proposed research partners QUT, UTS, CSIRO and Monash are continuing with the development of the CPM Collaborative Research Centre Bid.
The inaugural meeting of the International CPM Research Council is to be held in Lille on the 21st of August, in conjunction with the 3rd annual R&I Seminar. ICCPM is finalizing the program for the R&I Conference to be held on the 22nd and 23rd of August in Lille and invitations to that and associated events will be sent out shortly (more details in events section).

Events Update

ICCPM Research & Innovation Seminar

ICCPM's Third Annual Research & Innovation Seminar will be held in Lille, France, from 22-23 August.
This invitation only seminar will again be held in conjunction with the annual SKema Business School's Doctoral Seminar, which is part of the EIASM-EDEN Doctoral Seminar series. Speakers and workshops will explore the theme of Complexity in a Time of Global Financial Change: Program Delivery for the New Economy.
The seminar will comprise a day of speakers/presentations on the Wednesday followed by a workshop day on the Thursday. To conclude the seminar we will host the presentation ceremony for the 2012 Manfred Saynish Foundation for Project Management -Foundation Award. We have secured an array of high level speakers and presenters covering a variety of topics related to the theme. These include:

  • Ed Hoffman, Director of NASA's Academy of Program/Project and Engineering Leadership
  • Professor Naomi Brookes, Leeds University School of Civil Engineering
  • Ms Alison Hood, UK National Audit Office
  • Professor Roxanne Zolin, Queensland University of Technology
  • Professor Manfred Saynisch, Inaugural winner of the ICCPM Research Prize
  • Reverend Michael Cavanagh, Author of 2nd Order Project Management
  • Professor John Findlay and Abby Straus, Maverick & Boutique
  • Mark Pedlingham, UK Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • Brett Ackroyd, ICCPM

ICCPM 2012 Roundtable Series

The European Roundtable will follow on Friday 24 August at the Hôtel Crowne Plaza Lille. Dr John Findlay will facilitate the day's discussions which will focus on the topic: Complex Project Management in a Time of Global Financial Change: Program Delivery in the New Economy.
We can now confirm that Roundtable events will be held in the UK and US in November. More details will be available in the next newsletter.

26th Annual IPMA World Congress

Dr Dimitris Antoniadis, member of ICCPM, will be chairing a special session on complexity at the IPMA 2012 Congress.
The special session will focus on complexity in projects and project management, how it is addressed, current/latest research, tools and how these are / have been implemented and above all the exchange of ideas about how we will hand over Ariadnis' thread to the practitioners who are looking to come out of the complexity maze today and tomorrow. Papers should cover the topic of complexity from both the research as well as the practical side. Complexity is a relatively new area in the project management profession and therefore discussion between researchers and practitioners/professionals will encourage the exchange of widely needed knowledge and experience in the subject. The session could and will include / consider research and positioning papers that will cover the different types of complexity ‐ technical, social, behavioural, etc. as well as general. The aim will be to stimulate discussion and the exchage of ideas.

The session will be supported by the International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) as it forms part of its Knowledge Development and Dissemination Centre (KD2) Research objectives for the advancement of Complex Project Management and practice. Selected papers will be forwarded to the steering group for consideration and potential inclusion in the Stage 1 outcomes.
This special session will aim to attract audience/participants from both academics'/researchers' as well as practitioners' side who through experience have implemented (or are in the process of implementing) tools which enable the management of the effects of complexity. The exchange of ideas and the discussions which will be stimulated from the papers in the session should enable the delegates to, in the case of academia, review theoretical perspectives and expand/reconsider their approach and in the case of practitioners, the opportunitiy to test in a challenging audience their lessons learnt from implementing practical solutions.
This event is being held in Greece from 29 - 31 October. For more information refer to the  IPMA Congress website.

Aviation Week - The leading annual event focused on improving program performance

Join top defense program leaders for discussions on complexity, lessons learned, and affordability aimed at improving program performance! Aviation Week's Aerospace & Defense Programs is the industry's leading event for leaders in the areas of program management, engineering/ technology, supply chain (and associated areas), lifecycle management, and strategic planning. Aerospace & Defense Programs is the only conference to evaluate program performance in a thorough manner, highlighting what is going right and what needs improvement in program performance.
Themes for 2012 include:

  •    Complexity
  •    How to drive improvement
  •    The roles that innovation and technology play in driving improvement
  •    Value chain optimization

Featuring the Program Excellence Awards.

The Aerospace & Defense Programs event takes place on November 6-7, 2012 at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ. Further information can be found on the event website.

New Books

Second Order Project Management by Michael Cavanagh
Published by Gower Publishing 

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got, and if it's not good enough, you need to do something else. As project complexity increases, so too does the need to do new things.
The existing Project Management tools – examples being Earned Value Management, PRINCE2, Lifecycle Management, PMBOK® – are incredibly useful; but they were designed for linear project development in a stable, understood environment. We term them 'First Order'. Second Order Project Management (PM) goes beyond, addressing the issues of a complex, unstable, uncertain environment with all its associated difficulties.

Second Order PM has to address four major issues: the conspiracy of optimism, inappropriate contracting models, the application of methods and tools capable of dealing with complexity, and the need for creative, inspirational, adhocratic leadership. These problems are compounded by the need to convince executive sponsors from different disciplines to invest in the necessary process improvement – this book is designed to help alleviate the frustration that every member of the profession has experienced when trying to gain such approval. Illustrated by interviews with an international group of very senior managers responsible for managing highly complex projects, Michael Cavanagh explains why there is nothing magical, or even complicated, about Second Order PM. The techniques discussed include aspects of System Thinking, Experiential Learning and its application, Ethics and Governance, Stakeholder Relationships, Appropriate Contracting Models, Outcome-driven Management and Leadership Behaviour, all recognised as increasingly necessary in direct proportion to the complexity of the project at hand."

Michael Cavanagh is a consultant specialising in organisational learning, development and project management. In his 40-year career, Michael Cavanagh has worked as a Programmer, Systems Analyst,  Project Manager, Department Head and Consultant in a number of business sectors. In recent years, he has concentrated on the transfer of knowledge and wisdom in an organisational context. This work on experiential learning has led to the focus of his research and consulting activity being the use of systems thinking techniques to perform 'forensic' analysis of major project failure and the ways in which lessons can be derived and corrective process improvement implemented, applying these ideas in very large long-term projects.

If you would like to review this book please contact Gower Publishing Gower Publishing are offering ICCPM subscribers 40% off Michael's book until 1 July 2012. Just enter the code G12GPQ at the checkout. Please note that this offer will only work outside the US as they are not able to discount at this level.

Gower Publishing is offering ICCPM Newsletter subscribers and website visitors a 15% discount on books listed on Gower's ICCPM partner web page.  To take advantage of this offer, enter the following code at the checkout to receive the discount - Code: G12GKT15. 

Contact Diane Hope for more info.

Pillars of Project Excellence - A Lean Approach to Improving Project Results by Adil Dalal
Published by CRC Press 

Asking tough questions about the current state of project management, The 12  Pillars of Project Excellence: A Lean Approach to Improving Project  Results provides groundbreaking techniques to achieve excellence in  project leadership that can result in six sigma type results or  failure-free projects. It unveils novel solutions and breakthrough  concepts—including project culture analysis, the five powers of project  leadership, the power of visualization™, the science of simplicity™,  dynamic risk leadership, and dynamic project failures analysis—to help  you chart the most efficient path to the pinnacle of project leadership.
The author provides the cutting-edge methods based on decades of personal  practical experience, valuable lessons learned, and authoritative  insights gained from leading over 300 projects to successful  conclusions. Complete with powerful tools for organizational- and  self-assessment on the accompanying CD, this book will not only transform your approach to project management, but will also provide you with the tools to develop effective leaders and consistently achieve  exceptional business results.

Adil Dalal is the CEO of Pinnacle Process Solutions International®. Mr.  Dalal is a keynote speaker, author and an internationally recognized  expert and thought leader in project leadership and Lean/Advanced Flow  Technology. He is well known for pioneering several key advances in  project leadership and in Lean, including Lean Project leadership™,  iLean® technology, Holistic Model (Lean + iLean)® and lean4kids®. Mr.  Dalal's mission is to focus on enhancing the value of the appreciating  assets and optimizing the human potential in addition to developing the  necessary technical skills for ensuring the long term success of  individuals and corporations.

Mr. Dalal holds several degrees: a  MS in Engineering Management, a MS in Mechanical Engineering, and a BS  in Automotive Engineering. Additionally, he holds numerous  certifications, including a certified Project Management Professional  (PMP®), Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) and Certified Lean Bronze  Professional (LBC). He is also a Certified Executive Coach.   Mr. Dalal  has leveraged his expertise in Project Leadership and in Advanced Flow  Technology to increase the performance of organizations around the  world. His mastery has made Mr. Dalal a sought after strategic business  partner and executive coach as he continues to drive excellence by  implementing strategies for growth and long-term success.  

Adil Dalal  can be contacted by e-mail at  

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