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ICCPM's 5th Annual Conference Summary










The 2014 ICCPM Annual Conference, Delivering Once in a Generation Transformational Capital and Non-Capital Expenditure Programmes, was a tremendous success. Although the numbers were lower than in 2014, the high calibre of content and the excellent speakers made this a worthy event. The speakers came from a wide variety of industries and areas including rail, aerospace, energy, the OECD, government and academia and spoke on a correspondingly wide range of subjects relating to the theme of transformational programmes. The keynote speech was delivered by Jeff Wilcox, Lockheed Martin and provided a relevant starting point for the remainder of the conference with many speakers referencing Jeff's speech in their own presentations.

The afternoon of day one of the conference featured facilitated workshops where participants discussed ICCPM’s research themes, provided feedback and identified common threads across the themes. The themes and input from delegates were consolidated and initial findings were presented on day two of the conference. Work will continue on validation of these themes through other opportunities in 2014 and 2015, and the roadmap will be formally released in late 2015. The themes of delivery leadership; collaboration and competition; benefits realisation; management of risk, opportunity and resilience; culture communications and relationships; and sustainability and education were taken from the ICCPM Taskforce Report: Complex Project Management Global Perspectives and the Strategic Agenda to 2025.

Day two of the conference saw the Aerospace panel chaired by Professor Christophe Bredillet with very experienced speakers including Patrcik Bellouard, Ingénieur Général de 1ère classe de l’armement (2nd section); Nicolas Ledinghen, Vice President, Thales Avionics; and Robert Ranquet, Major General (Armament Corp), Deputy Director, IHEDN focussing on the A400M development and a comparison of cost overruns in major programmes. The panel was followed by presentations on topics from peace to rail to research and day two concluded with the presentation of the early findings from the research roadmap workshops presented by Professor Christophe Bredillet.

The presentations were filmed by the PM Channel and will be available through the ICCPM website in late October. The full conference report will be available early November.




Please click here to download the full version of the conference programme or here to access the condensed version.




  • IHEDN through MAJGEN Robert Ranquet and Vincent Duez for providing the wonderful venue and supurb assistance for the planning and duration of the conference.
  • Thales as a Supporting Sponsor, Lockheed Martin for providing the keynote speaker and PM Channel for filming the presentations and the production of the videos.
  • All of the speakers who gave informative, thought and discussion provoking presentations.
  • The conference delegates who engaged with the material presented, asked searching questions and provided valuable ideas for the Research Roadmap to 2025.
  • Associate Professor Stephane Tywoniak and Professor Christophe Bredillet for their design and work on the workshop section of the conference to design the Research Roadmap to 2025.
  • Professor Terry Williams, Dr Harvey Maylor, and Dr Liz Varga for facilitating the research workshops.
  • Kate Hubbard for the management, planning and coordination of the conference with assistance from the ICCPM team.




Ecole Militaire Entrance

View of the Eiffel Tower from within the Ecole Militaire complex

Jeff Wilcox, Lockheed Martin, delivering the Keynote address

Tim Banfield, UK Cabinet Office

Pre dinner drinks at Maison L'Amerique Latine

Dining room at Maison L'Amerique Latine

Aerospace Panel, from left: Nicolas de Ledinghen, Patrick Bellouard, Christophe Bredillet (Chair), Robert Ranquet.

Pierre Vivini, Commissariat a l'energie atomique et aux energies alternatives (CEA)

Keith Jordan, Hitachi Rail Europe

Jacob Williams, Alliant Techsystems Inc.

Barbara Chomicka, EC Harris

Mark Phillips, Author, 'Reinventing Communication"

Deborah Hein, ICCPM and Robert Ranquet, IHEDN giving the closing address




The theme “Delivering Once in a Generation Transformational Capital and Non-Capital Intensive Programmes” reflects on the delivery of national and international critical projects. Often these ‘once in a generation’ projects are highly visible, politically charged and deeply embedded in the national psyche. They span many sectors and typically involve investment/contributions from many countries. Examples include the A400M military airlift aircraft and the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System programmes in the defence and aerospace sector through to the United Kingdom’s HS2 in the transport and infrastructure sectors.

Beyond these capital intensive projects we see less capital intensive programmes such as transformational programmes including health and procurement reform through to delivery of aid and capacity building in conflict affected states that are just as important to the global community. With infrastructure alone, there is a need to spend more than $57 trillion globally in infrastructure projects just to keep up with projected growth until 2030.* 

The challenges faced by all of these projects and programmes emphasise the need for sharing experience and lessons learned for the betterment of the global community.

*McKinsey Global Institute, Infrastructure productivity: How to save $1 Trillion a year, January 2013

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