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ICCPM Board Changes

Ian Mack
Ian Mack

20 June 2017

Chris Jenkins has resigned from the ICCPM Board after seven years of sustained commitment.  Chris was chair of the board for six of these seven years and provided excellent support to the board.  His leadership contributed to the current success of the company. 

The ICCPM Board of Directors has appointed Mr Ian Mack, Mr Tim Banfield and Dr Phil Crosby to Non-executive Director positions for an initial period.  They will hold office until the next Annual General meeting where they will be eligible for re-election.

ICCPM MD/CEO Deborah Hein said, “It is fantastic that these ICCPM Fellows have agreed to join the board. 

Ian Mack has been a supporter of and contributor to ICCPM since the beginning.  On retiring from his extremely busy role with the Department of National Defence Canada, Ian accepted the role as a Director of ICCPM as a way of providing strategic guidance and contributing to the work of the organisation for which he has great respect.

Tim BanfieldTim Banfield has been an active supporter of ICCPM for a long time; he has significant civil service experience to share having served with distinction in various positions in the UK Cabinet Office, Major Projects Authority and other civil service roles. 

Phil CrosbyDr Phil Crosby brings a wealth of experience from the science and technology sector with his most recent role being as the CSIRO Assistant Director on the Square Kilometre Array, the largest and most capable multinational radio telescope ever constructed.

I look forward to the support, guidance and leadership that the three new Directors will bring to the board.”

The ICCPM Board of Directors is made up of a Chair, Deputy Chair, MD/CEO and up to six Non-Executive Directors and is ultimately responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation.  

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