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New ICCPM eBook published Achieving Effective Cross Project Learning

ICCPM's eBook series is centered around Complex Project Management tools and methodologies. These eBooks are written by leaders in their field. This series is available to purchase through all Amazon domains. 

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Achieving Effective Cross Project Learning

by Nillawan Thanakamonnan

Cross project learning is a capability that many organisations have heavily invested in but have not been able to achieve effectively. This research based introductory ebook seeks to address the question: "How can past project lessons be effectively used for future projects?"

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Ethical Issues in Complex Project and Engineering Management

by Michael Cavanagh

A discussion of ethics in complex project and engineering management, covering ethical tensions, process and product ethics and a discussion on thinking ethically. Ethical dilemma scenarios are also provided for consideration.

Available through all Amazon domains.

Project Complexity Assessment

by Michael Cavanagh

Complex projects must be managed using complex project management methods.

The misunderstanding of the difference between complicated and complex projects is a major cause of difficulty and failure.  Complicated projects are linear, you know what you have to do, there may be a manual and various steps to completion have been captured.  Complex projects are anything but linear.  You don’t know what you have to do and are surrounded by unpredictability, uncertainty and tigers jumping out at you from behind trees.

That’s what this book is about: finding out and assessing the complexity of a project before it starts.

Available through all Amazon domains.

Leading Complex Projects

by Nick Obolensky

“How do I lead a complex project when the traditional tools are not sufficient?”

This book will answer the question by examining the changing context of project and programme leadership and how to complement traditional leadership techniques with new ones. It covers principles needed to deal with complexity and ways of developing these principles. There are strategies for the project manager to understand the context of the complex project environment and the nature of those they are leading or influencing. There are also questionnaires for project managers to gauge their own capability and adaptability and a powerful team exercise.

Available through all Amazon domains.

When will they ever learn?

by Michael Cavanagh

B.B. King, the great blues guitarist, sings ‘Fooled me once, shame on you; fooled me twice, shame on me’.  Pity we pay no attention; we make the same mistakes over and over again in Project Management. We believe that even though past projects have regularly failed to deliver on schedule, to cost and to scope, this time everything will be perfect and go exactly as planned, thanks to a combination of the tooth fairy and the alignment of Jupiter and Mars.

It won’t.

Failure is a learning opportunity – so is success. But only if we are prepared to use the experience to reflect on what really happened, work out why, turn that understanding in to a general rule that could apply in different situations, test our theory, and modify our behaviour accordingly.

This EBook will tell you how.

Available through all Amazon domains.

Kairos: Harnessing time and emergence in complex projects

by Kaye Remington

Einstein asserted that time isn’t constant, but depends on the speed you’re travelling.

The Ancient Greeks, and Project Managers who deal with uncertainty and complexity on a daily basis, have known this for ages. The ticking of a clock – what we term ‘Chronos’ time - is constant; but ‘Kairos’ time expands and contracts according to the task-at-hand, and needs to be grasped as it flies by. If we get the timing right, we can take advantage of the emergent opportunities – get the timing wrong, and monsters will jump out from behind trees and eat us up.

Kaye Remington is an internationally-acknowledged expert in the field of complexity, and in this eBook, she describes how to grab Kairos by its forelock and exploit it to the best advantage.

Available through all Amazon domains.

Inventing the Joint Strike Fighter

by Jude Olsen & Frank Barrett

"How is it possible to achieve collaboration between a diversity of interests, when parties represent different organisations and there has been little or no common history of collaboration?"

This eBook is a case study in which a group of leaders set out to give birth to a new start-up organisation, using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) techniques. It studies the challenges faced by Lockheed Martin and the unique Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project.

Available through all Amazon domains.

Success in Large High Technology Projects: What really works?

by Dr Phil Crosby

Complex and demanding mega-projects are characterised (or in some cases plagued) by new and risky engineering technologies, daunting infrastructure, and staggering budgets.

Do concept reviews, funding approval, or early stage planning take advantage of success indicators based on learning from relevant past experience? Does such knowledge actually exist? And is there any evidence that early stage project development is more effective when armed with such information?

This book answers these questions and more! It also provides a checklist to make sure your next project, high technology or otherwise is a success.

Available to purchase through all Amazon domains.

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