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Current Projects

Traditional project management is struggling in the face of increasing complexity in today’s interconnected world, with human factors (such as social complexity due to political and cultural dynamics) identified as the main barriers to success. Governments and corporations from around the world have invested significant resources into identifying and understanding the causes of failure in complex projects. This initial research has led to the emergence of the concepts of complex project management (CPM) and a growing recognition of the need for a range of new skills, education and tools to address CPM.

As an independent, not-for-profit body, the ICCPM Knowledge Development and Dissemination Centre (KD2) is in an unrivalled position to provide decision-makers in industry and government with credible, independent assessments of issues of complexity facing the management of specific projects and organisations.

Within the overarching objective to “advance CPM knowledge and practice”, ICCPM has identified the following strategic research aims: 

  • the context of modern project management;
  • the review and integration of existing and emerging CPM knowledge and practice;
  • the generation of new CPM knowledge and practice.


The Next Generation Engagement Project 2017

The Next Generation Engagement Project is being led by the Melbourne School of Government at the University of Melbourne and aims to identify and address the knowledge gaps in engagements, social risk management and social licence.  ICCPM is pleased to be participating as an industry partner through the provision of in-kind support to the project.

Expert Commentary

Infrastructure Planning is Political: An urban planning perspective on engagement by Dr Kate Raynor June 2017


Action Research: Understanding and Managing whole-of-system risks in complex, multi-party projects

An Action Research Project being undertaken by Dr Richard Barber of RiskIQ


Women in Major Projects Leadership

An Action Research Project being undertaken by Sue Pritchard at the Bartlett School of Construction Management.

Stage 1 Report: Where are the women in major projects leadership?


Research Project 1: Cross-Cultural Complex Project Management

A series of PhD research initiatives being undertaken by the Berlin based Systemic Excellence Group. Completed, various publications will be available over time through Gower publishing.


Research Project 2: Digital Library on Complex Project Management

This project is now complete.


Research Project 3: Contracting for Success in Complex Projects

RP3 aims at documenting best practice acquisition and sustainment strategies in complex projects and programs.  This project is now complete.


Research Project 4: Complexity Assessment Tool

This project has been completed, no further work is being conducted as a result of this project.


Research Project 5: Measuring Project Success

Supported by the UK National Audit Office, RP5 will develop project success measures which reflect both the efficiency and effectiveness of project delivery. This research will move beyond the traditional time, cost and quality measure of success to look at how best to measure outcomes from the different dimensions of projects.

Key Partners