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Culture, Communication and Relationship


Governance in the Boardroom: How Project Management can Deliver Organizational Strategy (1 MB)Yvonne ButlerThis paper considers the role of Project Management and Governance in the formulation and implementation of organisational and business strategy. It contends that many organisations fail to realise the desired benefits from its organisational strategy because they do not actively deploy the principles of project management in either the formulation or execution of their business strategies.
Management of complex projects - Invisible structures, coordination and recommendations for management (477 KB)Sonja Ellmann High socio-economic complexity of international projects calls for a strong integration of Network coordination in projects in order to generate support for project management. The paper analyses the socioeconomic complexity and management of the same in large projects. Project management has to take care of those relationships and to integrate interfaces and fragmented parts of the project.
Projects as difference – towards a next practice of complex project management (181 KB)Markus Koerner & Louis Klein The paper aims at sharing some theoretical insights that helped us improving the practical performance of project management in the context of international development aid. The most adequate theoretical approach to understand the "people side" of projects and to deal with not only social complexity but with complexity as such seems to be Niklas Luhmanns Theories of Social Systems.


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