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CPM Network

In order to establish the right environment for all of ICCPM's networks to operate successfully it is important to clarify the purpose and operating model for each.  There are three distinct networks that surround the ICCPM hub; in many cases network participants will span multiple networks.  

ICCPM Partner Network

The ICCPM Partner Network includes funding partners, strategic partners, alliance partners, academic partners, fellows, company members, and individual members (partner employees).  The aim of this network is to co-create and disseminate CPM information and knowledge and connect individuals and organisations with an interest in CPM.  All members of this network have a level of formal connection or agreement with ICCPM.  This network has the potential to access all services offered by ICCPM including:

  • Research outcomes (commissioned or generic)
  • Consulting services, translating research into practice, subject matter expertise
  • Education products  (delivered by ICCPM or via the ICCPM APN)
  • Member services (events, forums, information services etc)

ICCPM Individual Membership Network

The ICCPM Individual Membership Network, includes individual fee paying members who may or may not be staff of ICCPM Partner organisations.  These are people who choose to connect on an individual level with ICCPM, much like professional membership of other like organisations. This network is primarily interested in:

  • Being connected with others and participating in CPM related activities
  • Research (participation and outcomes) and knowledge sharing in CPM
  • Career advancement

ICCPM Associate Partner Network

The ICCPM Associate Partner Network (APN) includes the highest calibre individuals with a proven track record in working with complexity in most cases in complex projects and/or at the organisational or enterprise level. Given complexity occurs in all functional elements in organisations it is important that the members are representative experts in those specific fields such as Managing Complex Projects/Programs (including Engineering and Logistics), Business & Finance, Contracting/Commercial, Change and Transformation, Communication, and People.  Accredited providers can be:

  • Individual practitioners,
  • Individual academics,
  • Companies with specific products/tools or methods determined to be useful in managing complex projects, or
  • Education providers who provide education courses/workshops that are by design created to help deal with complex issues/problems, are novel in their application (i.e. non-standard) are limited in there availability (i.e. not available locally via normal channels). Products in this tier may be customised versions of generic products where the customisation specifically addresses issues of complexity where the generic product cannot.  For example ICCPM will not offer standard PM Training as this is available prolifically in the market, ICCPM will however offer via the APN a customised MSP product.


The CPM Community or Network includes the ICCPM Partner Network, ICCPM Membership Network, and the Associate Partner Network. Figure 1 represents the entire network as a nested system.

ICCPM services are tailored to meet the needs of the client and build on the specific knowledge of the existing stakeholders, leaders and key personnel.  ICCPM is a hub for drawing together the capabilities needed to assist the client with the right subject matter experts.  Our deployment must work in conjunction with a client organisation's leaders and key staff to deliver customised, systemic, broad based solutions at organisational, program and project levels.  Our range of engagements will broadly cover the following areas:

  • Strategic level reviews
  • Project/Program Health Checks
  • Red Team/Tiger Team Reviews
  • Complex program/project advisory services
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy visualisation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Coaching/mentoring
  • Education

The ICCPM Associate Partner Network is a world first opportunity for government and industry to access a global community of specialist complex project management advisors and education services through an independent international not-for-profit organisation. The network consists of a globally distributed federation of endorsed organisations and/or individuals with unique skills and capabilities who can be accessed through ICCPM.

Deployment Methods

There are two ways that a member of the APN can be deployed via ICCPM.

  1. Clients seek the support of ICCPM. ICCPM will conduct an initial assessment of the need identified by the client and will recommend an individual or team to fulfil the assignment that is agreed.
  2. A member of the network identifies a need/opportunity and recommends the client engage through ICCPM. ICCPM will again conduct an initial assessment to ensure the client does in fact require CPM services, once verified ICCPM will recommend an individual or team to fulfil the assignment

Capabilities range from specialist executive education courses such as complexity leadership and systems thinking through to support services such as strategic reviews, behaviour engineering and complexity analysis.

Associate Partner Network Application and Enquiries

If you are interested in joining the ICCPM Associate Partner Network please carefully read the ICCPM Associate Partner Network Framework, it fully explains the purpose of the Network and the application process, please contact ICCPM on the link below to obtain a copy of the framework. 

To find out more about  accessing the ICCPM Associate Partner Network contact Deborah Hein.

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