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Welcome to our latest newsletter. It's hard to believe we are already more than halfway through the year!

Five or six years ago there was a burning debate about complexity and whether there was such a thing as a complex project. Some argued that at worst projects were 'complicated' and that all projects could be deconstructed in a reductionist way. Thankfully the international view and understanding of complexity has radically improved in the intervening period. My observation, following a series of recent visits to our partners and friends in North America, Europe, UK and Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), is that there is a rapidly growing acknowledgement and understanding of complexity internationally. Many now understand the need to support traditional project management capabilities with new tools, education and training focussed on improving their organisation's capacity to deal with complexity. There is also universal acknowledgement and support for investment in complex project management research. Thanks as always to our ever growing family who continue to support our efforts to improve complex project and program outcomes.

During a recent visit to Russia and CIS we formalised two new relationships and offer a warm welcome to the Tomsk Polytechnic Research University and the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. Amongst other things, these agreements enable formal collaboration for complex management research. I look forward to seeing their representation at the 4th annual Research and Innovation Seminar in London on 8-9 October. A very special thanks to our Regional Director for Russia and CIS, Oxana Klimenko, and her team for facilitating these relationships.

We recently signed an agreement with the PM Channel. This is an important relationship not least because it will ensure our Research and Innovation Seminar will be recorded and available online for our members. A big thanks to Andrew Delo for facilitating this agreement.

Vianna Tavares has also done some terrific work in South America culminating in a surge of interest and engagement in Brazil. Thanks to Vianna as well as Queensland University of Technology and Maverick & Boutique who have supported this development.

Our 4th annual Research and Innovation Seminar is being hosted in collaboration with the Major Projects Authority in the UK Cabinet Office and is shaping up to be an outstanding event with a diverse range of very high level international speakers. A special thanks to our foundation partner BAE Systems, as well as Serco, Hitachi and the PM Channel for their strong support and sponsorship of the event.

I am very excited by the success of our eBook series and the launch of phase one of our Digital Gateway. Many thanks to the individuals and organisation that have made this possible, particularly Reverend Michael Cavanagh for his work as editor of our eBook series. Special thanks goes to the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) (thanks Paul and Cecile!), Queensland University of Technology, University of Technology Sydney and Sydney University for all their work and collaboration in making the Digital Gateway a reality.

With the growing resource base now available through the ICCPM website, I would encourage each of you to sign up to the ICCPM Membership Programme. For those of you from our partner organisations there is no cost involved and membership entitles you to use the post-nominal MICCPM.

A Digital Gateway to a world of Complex Project Management resources

ICCPM is delighted to announce the launch of the Digital Gateway.

This exciting development grew out of collaboration between ICCPM, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of Sydney and CSIRO and will improve access to complex project management and complexity research resources. The advantages of a Digital Gateway are centred on quick and easy access to a variety of digital knowledge artefacts available from other repositories around the world.

The Digital Gateway is open to the public until 31 January 2014 for testing and feedback. If not already a member of ICCPM, please contact us to access the Gateway. If you are already a member, please use your existing login details to access the Digital Gateway.

The Digital Gateway will not replicate other repositories but will trawl the web searching for the most relevant and useful resources to provide appropriate results and a positive experience for users. Those resources are searched by an intelligent web crawler, developed by scientists from CSIRO.

The searched content is categorised and cross-referenced according to the following key categories: Complexity in Project Management, Delivery Leadership, Collaboration, Benefit Realisation, Culture, Communication and Relationships, Sustainability and Education. The more the gateway is used the more responsive it will be to search patterns, new trends, individual user preferences and will bring to the surface those authors, institutions and publications of particular interest to the CPM community.

The Digital Gateway can be accessed here.

ICCPM's expanding Associate Partner Network

ICCPM developed the Associate Partner Network (APN) in response to our global partners’ desire for world-leading Complex Project Management (CPM) education, expertise and support. This is a unique network and a world first opportunity for all sectors of government and industry to access a global community of specialist CPM advisors, management tools and education services. The network consists of a global federation of organisations and individuals with unique skills and capabilities.

Not only does the APN provide a broad range of capabilities for our clients to access and benefit from, it also links like-minded practitioners together for the benefit of the CPM community.

Our APN continues to provide significant support to our clients with successful engagements in the Australian Government context in Joint Logistics Command (Defence), Airservices Australia, the Defence Materiel Organisation and most recently in South America with the delivery of education services and workshops to MundoPM, IBP and Petrobas University. The global network is expanding at a steady pace with our two newest APs being from Australia and the United Kingdom.

ICCPM is pleased to welcome New Intelligence and Risk Decisions to the Associate Partner Network.

New Intelligence

New Intelligence provides demanding workshops that involve thorough participation by attendees.  New Intelligence courses make real change in the way people act, think and behave, so that they can achieve better outcomes for themselves or their organisations. Success within any relationship can be dependent on two things: luck or skill. Our level of dependence on luck and skill will determine the level of control we possess within interactions. This also impacts on the perceived value of that interaction for each of the participants. Unfortunately there is no magic formula with people, however, learning skills for overcoming conflict, apathy or resistance in others offers individuals the ability to better control the outcomes they seek. The greater the skill set we develop in overcoming conflict, apathy or resistance, the less we have to rely on luck. If a result is based on skill it can be shared with others, reviewed for success or improvement, and most importantly replicated. As these skills develop there is a dramatic increase in our ability to manage the way we deal with people. Luck does not allow for any of this to reliably occur.

More information can be found here

Risk Decisions

Risk Decisions has been a global provider of risk management software, training and consultancy for over 25 years. Its Predict! software offers advanced risk management, risk analysis and risk reporting capability for project, portfolio and enterprise wide use. It integrates with all major project management tools, including MS Project and Primavera. Predict! is used by project based companies and government organisations in a variety of sectors across the globe.

If you would like more information on Risk Decisions, please visit http://www.iccpm.com/content/risk-decisions

If you would like to find out more about these and other Associate Partners of ICCPM and how they could help your organisation, please contact Deborah Hein (+61 2 6120 5160 or d.hein@iccpm.com) or visit ICCPM.com/associate-partner-network.


Cordelta & ICCPM Partnership

Cordelta and ICCPM have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will improve the planning and delivery of complex projects through their respective capabilities.

Cordelta is a professional services firm, offering high quality consulting, resourcing and implementation capabilities. They have offices around Australia, employing around 150 people.

This agreement gives both ICCPM and Cordelta the room to expand the value and reach of their capabilities and to offer prospective clients a broader range of experience in delivering complex projects.

Please visit Cordelta's website for more information: www.cordelta.com

A warm welcome to...

ICCPM's newest staff member: Steve Hein OAM, EMBA (CPM) as Director of Strategy

Steve has a background in Strategic Reform, Human Capital Management, Leadership, Communication, Logistics and Cultural Engagement & Transformation. He has worked with complex Programs and Projects within the military acquisition system, including undertaking large-scale organisational transformation.

Steve's background, related distinctly to successful management of complexity, has had an emphasis on Change Management, Leadership, Values, Communication and Cultural Engagement.

Steve became a member of the Golden Key International Honours Association on completion of his Executive Masters in Complex Project Management, was awarded the Chandler Macleod Leadership Award for 2011 and is a recipient of the Order of Australia.

Steve brings the Centre expertise and experience in specialist fields related to delivering successful complex projects. He has a wealth of understanding and practical experience in delivering outcomes, is creative by nature yet discerning when synthesising information and is able to provide holistic solutions for the benefit of his stakeholders.

And to:

ICCPM's newest Board Member: David Gordon, Head of Project Management Project Management Authority, BAE Systems.

David commenced his career as an Engineering Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force and now holds a Master of Science in Guided Weapon Systems from Cranfield University (UK) and Bachelor of Communications Engineering from Curtin University (Western Australia). Through his career, he has worked for various organisations including Aerospace Technical Services, a small Australian start-up company and Raytheon.

Having gained experience in a combination of Design, Development and In Service Support Projects and Contracts, David now heads up a small PMO in BAE Systems Australia. In this role David leads a small team to provide the necessary capabilities to deliver projects to time, cost and quality expectations through appropriately tailored people, processes, technologies, tools and facilities. David also provides support to the University of South Australia in their Master's program in Project Management, lecturing on Strategy in Projects Organisations.

David's interest in complex and challenging projects arose through his work on various Australian Defence Projects including the Collins Class submarine, several Electronic Warfare Projects and the Australian Airborne Early Warning and Control Project (Project Wedgetail).

David resides in Adelaide, is married with four teenagers and spends his spare time with his wife, Helen, transporting their children to various sporting and school activities.

Systems Thinking and Complex Project Management

ICCPM, in conjunction with QUT, ran a successful and well-attended Systems Thinking and Complex Project Management course in early July.

Phil Crosby, Strategic Planning & Major Project Specialist, CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science, had this to say about the course:

“This course extended my skills, and thinking, about complexity in projects. Ted and Erin engage very effectively with the group to introduce several methodologies which are then practiced with interesting case studies. Come to the course ready to work, and you'll never see complex scenarios the same way again!"

Thu Tran, Research Administration Officer, ICCPM had this to add:

"I was fascinated by how creative I became when working on a case study in the course. Deploying systems thinking methodologies has provided me with a wider view and deeper understanding on the complexity in project management. Solutions and decisions made based on that understanding hence have been more creative, forward-looking and effective.”

Preparing for the Unexpected: Flexibility and Resilience in Project Design and Delivery

Planning for our 4th annual Research and Innovation seminar is well underway and we have exciting speakers and presenters lined up!

The Seminar will take place 8-9 October 2013, London, UK.  Please see here for more information.

Organisations that manage complexity and the unexpected outperform those that do not invest in doing so by a factor of 10. ICCPM’s Annual R&I Seminar brings the global community together for an invitation-only event to share and explore the latest advances in successfully delivering complex projects and programs.

During this two day seminar you will share in the lessons learned through a significant case study as well as the latest developments in education, tools and research associated with enabling resilience and responsiveness to the unexpected when delivering complex programs and projects.

This event would not be possible without the help of our very generous sponsors so thank you to:

For more information, visit www.iccpm.com/content/2013-research-and-innovation-seminar or contact either Stephen Hayes or Kate Hubbard.

Kairos: Harnessing time and emergence in complex projects

Einstein asserted that time isn’t constant, but depends on the speed you’re travelling.

The Ancient Greeks, and Project Managers who deal with uncertainty and complexity on a daily basis, have known this for ages. The ticking of a clock – what we term ‘Chronos’ time - is constant; but ‘Kairos’ time expands and contracts according to the task-at-hand, and needs to be grasped as it flies by. If we get the timing right, we can take advantage of the emergent opportunities – get the timing wrong, and monsters will jump out from behind trees and eat us up.

Kaye Remington is an internationally-acknowledged expert in the field of complexity, and in this eBook, she describes how to grab Kairos by its forelock and exploit it to the best advantage.

Available from all Amazon domains.

For more about our other eBook offerings, please visit: http://www.iccpm.com/content/ebooks

Membership Promotion

ICCPM’s vision is to engage with the global community to better enable delivery of complex projects with real social, environmental and economic benefits. The ICCPM Membership Program provides a single point-of-access to experience-based knowledge, impartial advice and direct assistance in complex project and program management as well as world leading research, focused on the advancement of complex project management globally.

Benefits of joining:

  • Early invitation to ICCPM events e.g. Research & Innovation conference, roundtables, seminars and other events
  • Discount on ICCPM sponsored courses and events
  • ICCPM newsletter
  • Access to member only sections of the ICCPM website
  • Opportunity to contribute to ICCPM sponsored research projects
  • Access to ICCPM LinkedIn discussion groups
  • Use of MICCPM post nominal for members
  • Use of GICCPM for graduates of the Executive Masters of Business (Strategic Procurement) or Executive Masters in Complex Project Management (EMCPM/EMBSP

If you would like more information, or to join ICCPM please visit www.iccpm.com/content/register.

Upcoming events

First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation

Canberra, ACT, Australia
8 - 11 September 2013

The First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation offers a world first opportunity for project management researchers to meet a wide range of leading experts in systems-based, action-oriented, inter- and trans-disciplinary investigations, to discover relevant new ideas and share work with interested colleagues.

You can get involved right now by sending in digital posters illustrating your work on project management methods, concepts and cases.

Go to http://www.i2sconference.org for more information, to submit a digital poster or to register.

Project Management Australia (PMOz)

10th Annual Project Management Australia Conference
Projects Driving and Sustaining the Future of the Australian Economy
Melbourne, Australia
17 - 18 September 2013

Stephen Hayes will present on global issues at this upcoming conference. The Project Management Australia Conference (PMOz) 2013 will celebrate the central role of project management in creating and sustaining the future of every corporation and organisation and through them the wider economy. A successful economy needs successful businesses and no business can succeed without changing and adapting to meet the challenges of the future.

For more information, visit the conference website: http://www.pmoz.com.au/

27th IPMA World Congress

Finding Balance and Moving Forward
Dubrovnik, Croatia
30 September - 3 October 2013

Our world is a world of projects, because there is no human activity without projects.  Projects change our world; they transform our visions into reality and create a future fitting both for man and the community.  Projects are not sufficient in themselves to realise our ideas and visions, we need successful projects, which are the result of competent project management.

More information, including the programme can be found here: http://www.ipma2013.hr/homepage.aspx

Aviation Week

Aerospace & Defense Programs
Strategic Priorities in a Sequestration Era
Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, AZ
13 - 14 November 2013

Top space and defense program leaders come together to evaluate program performance — where money is being spent and best practices in tackling efficiency and cost, strategy, and supply chain.  Focus on the impact of sequestration - how programs are being affected and where government is likely to place its bets.

Developed by and for defense and space industry engineering, strategy, supply chain, and program leaders, A&D Programs is the only conference to evaluate program performance in a thorough manner, highlighting what is going right and what needs improvement in program performance. From acquisition strategy and forecasts to delivering innovation and required technology, this event provides tactics, lessons, and best practices you can put to work immediately.

ICCPM members will receive a 20% discount towards a standard registration, using code “ADPICCPM”.  Please register online for A&D programs at http://bit.ly/12j3zQw.  Or, call Alex Zacharias at +1 212.904.4682 or e-mail at events@aviationweek.com.

More information can be found here: http://events.aviationweek.com/current/ad/


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