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Case Studies

Here you will find a collection of case studies, examining complex projects from a range of perspectives.

These case studies have been prepared and submitted by our Partners and the global CPM community.

VariousA number of Mega Project case studies are available on the Megaproject websiteMegaproject
NASA's Journey to Project Management ExcellenceThis NASA case study delves into the importance of excellence in Project Management and its influence on NASA successNASA
Launching New Horizons: The RP-1 Tank DecisionThe experience that NASA's senior leadership gained from cases such this led to improvements in their governance model.NASA
The Deepwater Horizon Accident – Lessons for NASAThe events leading up to the Deepwater Horizon accident offers several cautionary lessons for NASA.NASA
Other NASA Case StudiesInternational Project Management - The Cassini-Huygens MissionNASA
Providing Anti-air Warfare Capabilty: The Type 45 Destroyer The report examines the impact of the problems on the project on the provision of anti-air warfare capability, the causes of the procurement difficulties, how the Department has overcome these.UK National Office Audit
Comparative US-UK Defence Acquisition Case Studies This collection of eighteen cases covers a range of scenarios, based on reality to a greater-or-lesser extent. They allow the reader to consider a real situation and the type of challenges that may arise during the course of an acquisition project.The International Defence Educational Acquisition Arrangement (IDEAA)
Why Has The Cost of Navy Ships Risen?
A Macroscopic Examination of the Trends in U.S. Naval Ship Costs Over the Past Several Decades
Over the past several decades, the increases in acquisition costs for U.S. Navy amphibious ships, surface combatants, attack submarines, and nuclear aircraft carriers have outpaced the rate of inflation. To understand why, the authors of this book examined two principal source categories of ship cost escalation: economy-driven factors (which are outside the control of the Navy) and customer-driven factors (features for which the Navy has the most control). RAND


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