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Benefits Realisation in Project Management


Introduction to Project Alliancing (on engineering and construction projects) (700 KB)Jim RossThe primary purpose of this paper is to explain what project alliancing is and how it works in practice, give insights into the factors that drive the kind of success that has been achieved on alliance projects and dispel some of the more common myths about project alliancing.
Partnering on Construction Projects: A study of the Relationships between Partnering Activities and Project Success (102 KB)Erik LarsonThis paper examines the relationship between specific partnering related activities and project success for 291 construction projects. All of the major partnering activities were found to be positively related to at least one of the measures of project success. The findings suggest that a comprehensive approach be applied to partnering on construction projects and that top management support for teamwork across organizations is critical to success.
Inventing the Joint Strike Fighter Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Collaborative Start Ups (390 KB)Jude Olson & Frank BarrettThis article explores a startup—where a group of leaders set out to give birth to a new organization. The challenge was to create collaboration between a disparate group of engineers, many of whom had previously been competitors.

Commercial Skills for Complex Government Projects

UK National Audit OfficeThis report is part of a series of reports examining the Office Government Commerce's (OCG) support to UK departments on procurement and contract management. It examines the current level of commercial skills and experience in Government, and considers whether the OGC and departments are being successful in improving them.
Spiral Development Approach (922 KB)Mark Burdett/QinetiQThe article discusses whether a spiral development approach should replace a traditional approach to equipment development.











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