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Improving Infrastrucutre Delivery: Project Initiation Routemap

“In response to the UK governments commitment to spend £100 Billion on infrastructure this Parliament, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) was created as the government’s centre of expertise for project development and delivery.  The Project Initiation Routemap is a product of government working collaboratively with industry and the University of Leeds, through the Infrastructure Client Group.” (IPA, 2016)

Project Initiation Routemap : National Audit Office, UK Cabinet Office

Complexity Science in Healthcare - Aspirations, approaches, applications and accomplishments

The complexity science approach to understanding, acting on, and researching health systems is becoming increasingly popular. It is therefore timely to release an analysis of complexity and its characteristics, and apply them to healthcare. This is the objective of this White Paper.

Braithwaite, J. , Churruca, K., Ellis, L. A., Long, J., Clay-Williams, R., Damen, N., Herkes, J., Pomare, C., and Ludlow, KC., (2017), Complexity Science in Healthcare – Aspirations, Approaches, Aspirations, Approaches, Applications and Accomplishments: A White Paper. Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University : Sydney, Australia. 


Interview with ICCPM CEO, Deborah Hein

by Francis Norman, Ulfire


Systemic Risk: How connectivity impacts risk management practice

An Awareness Paper by Christos Ellinas, Systemic Consult; Neil Allan, RiskIQ; and Neil Cantle, Milliman


Systems Thinking in Schools - The Waters Foundation

The Waters Foundation’s Systems Thinking in Schools work is recognized worldwide for making systems thinking accessible and practical, both for children in classrooms as well as executives in boardrooms.  With its mission to build systems thinking capacity in schools across the country and around the world, the Waters Foundation focuses on developing generations of systems thinkers who apply 21st century skills in classrooms, schools, communities and future workplaces.  Systems thinkers function as local and global community members who use the concepts, habits and tools of systems thinking to understand the complexities of systems and to face into school, work and life challenges with an informed capacity to identify leverage action and achieve desired results.


Guarding Against Uncertainty: Australian Attitudes to Defence

A Report on Community Consultations by the External Panel of Experts on the 2015 Defence White Paper 


The Little Book of Project Management Tips by Alan Rossney


The Great Generational Shift - Why the differences between generations will reshape your workplace

We recognise in complex environments that diversity of people, thought and approach often provide benefit that should be harnessed and that can help us manage complexity. Hudson Talent Management have released a study that discusses that fact that we are moving into an era in which 4 generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and the next lot) will be required to work side by side. This is a very good and fascinating piece of work and I recommend it to you as food for thought about what the leadership and organisational design implication for us may look like in the future.

Productivity Commission Submission

ICCPM's Submission for the Australian Government's Productivity Commission Public Inquiry into Infrastructure - February 2014




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